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This site contains articles about various mental health-related topics in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Please keep in mind that they are only for entertainment purposes and academic discussion. They are not a substitute for professional advice. Information may be incorrect or outdated.

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ADHD agoraphobia antidepressants anxiety attention deficit hyperactivity disorder benzodiazepine bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder BPD burnout CBT CFT CFT® change children cognition Communciation-Focused Therapy (CFT) communication communication-focused therapy communication-focused therapy (CFT) Communication-Focused Therapy® communication patterns connectedness connection counselling COVID-19 creativity depression diagnosis dopamine dr jonathan haverkampf dublin eating emotions empathy envy escitalopram fear fear of living feelings friendship happiness health anxiety help identity insomnia interaction interpersonal ireland life life improvement life story loneliness love major depressive disorder mania manic-depressive medication medicine mental health narrative neural network neuroscience norepinephrine obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD panic attack panic attacks post-traumatic stress disorder pregnancy psychiatray psychiatric medication psychiatry psychodynamic psychotherapy psychology psychosis psychosis. schizophrenia psychotherapy PTSD relationship research schizophrenia selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor self-confidence self-discovery self-help serotonin social anxiety SSRI stress success symptoms technique termination of relationship therapy trauma treatment video work z-drug


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