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Discover How Interactive Art Exhibitions Can Boost Your Mood and Reduce Anxiety

Viewing interactive art online can improve our mood and reduce anxiety. People reported significant improvements in mood and anxiety after just a few minutes of viewing an interactive Monet Water Lily art exhibition from Google Arts and Culture. The study also found that individuals with high levels of aesthetic responsiveness benefit more from online art viewing.

Social media use and adolescents’ well-being: A note on flourishing

BackgroundSeveral large-scale studies and reviews have reported both negative and positive associations of social media use with well-being, suggesting that the findings are more complex and need more nuanced study. Moreover, there is little or no exploration of how social media use in adolescence influences flourishing, a more all-encompassing construct beyond well-being, including six sub-domains (i.e., happiness, meaning and purpose, physical and mental health, character, close social relationships, and financial stability). This paper aims to fill this gap by understanding how adolescents might flourish through social media activities by fulfilling the basic needs pointed out by the Self-Determination Theory, i.e., relatedness, autonomy, and competence.MethodsThe study is drawn on cross-sectional data collected from 1,429 Swiss adolescents (58.8% females, Mage = 15.84, SDage = 0.83) as part of the HappyB project in Spring 2022. Self-reported measures included the Harvard Adolescent Flourishing scale, positive and negative online social experiences, self-disclosure on social media, and social media inspiration. Control variables included, among others, self-esteem, ill-being, and personality.ResultsAfter applying Bonferroni’s correction, results of the hierarchical regression analyses showed that positive social media experiences (β = 0.112, p 

Is Your Anxiety or Depression Worse When You’re Alone?

Click here for the article published by Psychology Today. Have screens made us sadder, more anxious, and emotionally dumber? Screen dependency can impair people’s ability to enjoy alone time, fostering disassociation and disconnection from themselves and others. Studies show that screen dependency can negatively impact mental health, the ability to self-soothe, and emotional intelligence. Steps …

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Digital Anxiety

Click here for the article published by Psychology Today. Do you struggle with digital anxiety? A few adjustments can make a big difference. Anxiety is a part of living, both online and offline. Keeping an anxiety journal may help to relieve stress. It may also help to limit social media and screen time and commit …

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