Psychotherapy to Treat and Manage Depression

Psychotherapy helps people with depression: * Understand the memories, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that contribute to their depression * Understand unresolved emotions and life events from one’s personal history which may contribute to the depression * Understand interpersonal difficulties and maladaptive interpersonal interaction patterns * Better connect with oneself to resolve emotional conflicts and develop …

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Therapy for Panic Attacks

A combination of psychotherapy and medication has good empirical support for its effectiveness in the therapy of panic attacks. In more severe cases of panic attacks, when it is no longer possible to leave the house, medication may be needed to make psychotherapy possible. Among the various psychotherapeutic approaches, CBT targets maladaptive thought processes and …

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How to help someone overcome resistance to psychotropic medication

Work first with the individual on their negative self-talk and possibly low self-confidence and anxieties. Emphasize that there are a number of ways to feel well again, and that medication is merely one of these. Communicate that mental health conditions are not unlike other health conditions that they can affect anyone and that they are …

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Treatments for Alcohol Abuse

Psychotherapy and various therapeutic or self-help groups, including AA, are first-line treatment. Medication can be helpful as a support, but does not work for all. Certain medications have been shown to effectively help people stop or reduce their drinking and avoid relapse. They either reduce the urge to drink alcohol or trigger adverse reactions if …

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