Psychotherapy to Treat and Manage Depression

For this video and more information about depression see the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Psychotherapy helps people with depression:

* Understand the memories, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that contribute to their depression

* Understand unresolved emotions and life events from one’s personal history which may contribute to the depression

* Understand interpersonal difficulties and maladaptive interpersonal interaction patterns

* Better connect with oneself to resolve emotional conflicts and develop a stronger sense of self and greater confidence

* Restructure ways of thinking, negative attributes and attitudes someone has about himself, and ways in which faulty thinking may perpetuate depression

* Develop modified and improved strategies of dealing with one’s thoughts and emotions, as well as better ways of interacting with other people and the world

* Regain a sense of control and pleasure in life

* Communicate better with oneself and others

* Learn tools and techniques to better deal with stressful situations, conflicts and interpersonal situations

* Learn coping techniques and problem-solving skills

You will find more information in Jonathan Haverkampf’s books and articles on this website, including

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Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic provides a good summary of psychotherapy for depression. You can use the following link:–psychotherapy-for-depression

The American Psychological Association provides a good introduction to depression and its treatment at

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