Many people suffer from anxiety silently. It may show as excessive worrying, bodily sensations or both. It can affect one’s life to such an extent that leaving the house or speaking to others becomes difficult, if not impossible. Different forms of psychotherapy can help reduce and even eliminate excessive anxiety. In some cases, medication can provide extra support.

Often, anxiety is a signal of other emotions underneath it and that something or some things in life may not be aligned with one’s needs, values, and aspirations. This may be a work situation or a relationship. An important goal of therapy can be to make things work again.

Many people suffer from anxiety in silence. This often masks the suffering on the inside and the debilitating quality of anxiety. Often people feel helpless. They don’t know what to do, they feel trapped in a box by their own anxiety, which limits life more and more. There are many approaches that can be helpful against anxiety, such as psychotherapy, counselling, meditation, certain forms of exercise, and in specific cases also medication.

Anxiety is your body’s and your brain’s natural response to stress. Anxiety is not the same as fear, which is targeted at something specific. For example, one can be afraid of snakes or a specific outcome of a situation. Anxiety, on the other hand, is when there is the uncertainty itself one is afraid of. Anxiety can lead to reduced enjoyment in life, and in more extreme cases avoidance. For example, one might be anxious about social situations, and so avoid being around people. avoiding people, however, can cause a painful dilemma, in which one actually wants to be with people but at the same time feels too anxious to do so.

Anxiety disorders are very common, and they can affect anyone at any age. Women tend to be more often diagnosed with an anxiety disorder than men, but it may also be that women seek out help earlier.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression quite often tend to go together. This does not mean one cannot experience them separately, but there is a significant correlation between the two. Heightened anxiety, for example, may worsen depressed feelings. On the other hand, anxiety can even be a symptom of depression. Diagnostically, it is important to keep them apart, if possible.

Many of the same treatment approaches help against both depression and anxiety. For example, enough sleep, stress reduction, better strategies for fulfilling wants, needs and aspirations, healthy and supportive relationships, and someone to discuss problems with, such as a therapist or close understanding friends, can all help against depression and anxiety. Important is that in at least the more severe cases one seeks out professional help, because the earlier these conditions are treated, the quicker they are to go away and to stay away.

Therapy and counselling can also be helpful in milder cases of anxiety and depression. One does not even have to be anxious or depressed to benefit from counselling. Very often we use strategies and interaction patterns in daily life that we have learned and acquired a long time ago, but which might not be as effective anymore. Therapy can help identify and replace them with better working ones.

Some Background on Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behaviour, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination. [1] Unlike anxiety, fear is a response to a real or perceived threat [2]. Fear, on the other hand, is the expectation of a future threat. [3] Usually, in anxiety, there is a sense of existential fear or imminent doom. Frequent is a fear of death. [2] When anxiety is experienced regularly the individual may suffer from an anxiety disorder. [3]

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is often accompanied by muscular tension [3] restlessness, fatigue and problems in concentration. The physiological symptoms of anxiety may include:[5][6]

  • Neurological, as headache, paresthesias, vertigo, or presyncope.
  • Digestive, as abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhoea, indigestion, dry mouth, or bolus.
  • Respiratory, as shortness of breath or sighing breathing.
  • Cardiac, as palpitations, tachycardia, or chest pain.
  • Muscular, as fatigue, tremors, or tetany.
  • Cutaneous, as perspiration, or itchy skin.
  • Uro-genital, as frequent urination, urinary urgency, dyspareunia, or impotence.

People facing anxiety may withdraw from situations which have provoked anxiety in the past.[4] Furthermore, anxiety has been linked with physical symptoms such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and can heighten other mental health illnesses such as OCD and panic disorder.

Distortions in Thinking

Cognitive distortions such as overgeneralizing, catastrophizing, mind reading, emotional reasoning, binocular trick, and mental filter can result in anxiety. For example, an overgeneralized belief that something bad “always” happens may lead someone to have excessive fears of even minimally risky situations and to avoid benign social situations due to anticipatory anxiety of embarrassment. Such unhealthy thoughts can be targets for successful treatment with cognitive therapy.

Psychodynamic Explanations

Psychodynamic theory posits that anxiety is often the result of opposing unconscious wishes or fears that manifest via maladaptive defence mechanisms (such as suppression, repression, anticipation, regression, somatization, passive aggression, and dissociation) that develop to adapt to problems with early objects (e.g., caregivers) and empathic failures in childhood. For example, persistent parental discouragement of anger may result in repression/suppression of angry feelings which manifests as gastrointestinal distress (somatization) when provoked by another while the anger remains unconscious and outside the individual’s awareness. Such conflicts can be targets for successful treatment with psychodynamic therapy.

Where does it come from?

Anxiety disorders are partly genetic but may also be triggered, due to drug use, including alcohol and caffeine, as well as withdrawal from certain drugs. They often occur with other mental disorders, particularly major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, certain personality disorders, and eating disorders. The term anxiety covers four aspects of experiences that an individual may have: mental apprehension, physical tension, physical symptoms and dissociative anxiety.[7] The emotions present in anxiety disorders range from simple nervousness to bouts of terror.[8] There are other psychiatric and medical problems that may mimic the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, such as hyperthyroidism. Common treatment options include lifestyle changes, therapy, and medications. Medications are typically recommended only if other measures are not effective.[9] Anxiety disorders occur about twice as often in females as males and generally begin during childhood.[10] As many as 18% of Americans and 14% of Europeans may be affected by one or more anxiety disorders. [11]

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety varies in degree and severity. For some people, it is characterized by experiencing discomfort or awkwardness during physical social contact (e.g. embracing, shaking hands, etc.), while in other cases it can lead to a fear of interacting with unfamiliar people altogether. Those suffering from this condition may restrict their lifestyles to accommodate the anxiety, minimizing social interaction whenever possible. Social anxiety also forms a core aspect of certain personality disorders, including avoidant personality disorders. [12] Humans generally require social acceptance and thus sometimes dread the disapproval of others. Apprehension of being judged by others may cause anxiety in social environments.[13] Anxiety during social interactions, particularly between strangers, is common among young people. It may persist into adulthood and become social anxiety or social phobia. “Stranger anxiety” in small children is not considered a phobia. In adults, an excessive fear of other people is not a developmentally common stage; it is called social anxiety. People with social phobia usually do not fear the crowd but the fact that they may be judged negatively. [14]

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Pilot Testing C-STRESS: A Mental Health App for College Students With Depression

Conditions:   Depression;   Anxiety;   Stress, Psychological;   Mobile Phone UseIntervention:   Device: C-STRESSSponsors:   Benten Technologies, Inc.;   University of California, IrvineCompleted

Chatbot Intervention for Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults

Conditions:   Anxiety;   DepressionInterventions:   Behavioral: Chatbot;   Behavioral: Control (book)Sponsors:   University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw;   Ministry of Science and Higher Education, PolandCompleted

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Major depressive disorder (MDD) has a relapse rate that cannot be ignored and places a tremendous burden on the patient in the prevention and treatment process. Yoga, a combination of physical and mental exercises, is effective and acceptable for the adjunctive treatment of MDD. This study aimed to explore further the evidence of yoga’s efficacy ...

Group early intervention eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy as a video-conference psychotherapy with frontline/emergency workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and moral injury—An RCT study

ObjectiveFrontline mental health, emergency, law enforcement, and social workers have faced unprecedented psychological distress in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the RCT (Randomized Controls Trial) study was to investigate the effectiveness of a Group EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy (Group Traumatic Episode Protocol—GTEP) in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ...

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Erratum: Targeted memory reactivation during REM sleep in patients with social anxiety disorder

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Teachers’ occupational anxiety is a kind of negative emotional state of teachers, which is prevalent in Chinese teachers. Unfortunately, in the existing research, teachers’ occupational anxiety caused by China’s ‘double reduction’ policy has not been paid attention to. Based on the grounded theory, this study conducted in-depth interviews with 45 in-service primary and junior high ...

The psychological stress response of COVID-19 to medical staff and prevention: A large sample study from China

ObjectivesIn the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical staff in China were more likely to suffer from psychological problems. By investigating the actual state of psychological stress response of medical staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, the study discussed and analyzed the influencing factors of different psychological states in order to prevent the occurrence of serious ...

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BNST PKCδ neurons are activated by specific aversive conditions to promote anxiety-like behavior

“… We found that BNSTPKCδ cell activity is associated with increased anxiety-like behavior in the elevated plus maze, increases following footshock, and unlike other BNST subpopulations, does not desensitize to repeated stress exposure. Taken together, we propose a model in which BNSTPKCδ cells may serve as threat detectors, integrating exteroceptive and interoceptive information to inform ...

Parent-identified barriers to accessing exposure therapy: A qualitative study using process mapping

Youth with anxiety and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) rarely access exposure therapy, an evidence-based treatment. Known barriers include transportation, waitlists, and provider availability. Efforts to improve access to exposure require an understanding of the process that families take to find therapists, yet no prior studies have examined parents’ perspectives of the steps involved. …

Maternal perinatal depression and child neurocognitive development: A relationship still to be clarified

Pregnancy frequently is associated with emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression. Perinatal depression has an incidence of around 12%. Only recently researcher put the attention on the effects of pre- and postpartum psychopathology on infant neurocognitive development. Neurobiology studies indicate that perinatal maternal depression can significantly affect the structure and function of children’s prefrontal ...

Negative affect and respiratory sinus arrhythmia are differentially related to social anxiety and autism features in autistic preschoolers contrasted to fragile X syndrome

“Results indicated that children with nsASD display elevated negative affect compared to both FXS and NT controls which did not differ from each other and females exhibited more negative affect relative to males. Interestingly, elevated negative affect predicted social anxiety, but not ASD in FXS. Baseline RSA did not differ across the groups; however, reduced ...

Repeated stage exposure reduces music performance anxiety

“… We conclude that repeated stage exposure significantly reduces HR as well as restlessness and playing errors linked to MPA. Public performances are still successful when HR is significantly higher than during rest periods. These results underscore the importance of stage training to become accustomed to realistic public self-exposure. Musicians – especially students – should ...

Fear of Failing: The Secrets Behind Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is associated with a higher risk of developing depression and addiction disorders. Researchers say the fear of rejection may be at the root of social anxiety. The article has not been checked for errors. Proceed at your own risk.

Liz Carr: I have huge anxiety about being told I was not going to live long

Liz Carr has said, since being told in her early teens that she was not going to live very long, she still has “huge anxiety”.

Managing My Overwhelming Stress

A Personal Perspective: Is there a way to dial back the intensity, the anxiety I feel when I look at my son?

If you’re wondering whether adverse childhood experiences are negatively impacting you as an adult, you probably already know the answer.

In my work as a hypnotherapist most of my clients are mature adults experiencing issues rooted in anger, anxiety, depression – or a mixture of these. Often, they are wondering if their present issues are linked to their childhood experiences. More often than not, the answer is yes. Research carried out since the end of the ...

The effect of the two‐chair dialogue intervention on self‐compassion ‐ adding an emotional evocative component to a basic Rogerian condition

Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, EarlyView.

Yoga‐integrated psychotherapy for emotion dysregulation: A pilot study

Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, EarlyView.

Developing an emotion‐focused therapy model for fear of cancer recurrence: A case‐level task analysis

Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, EarlyView.

‘Everything is out of control’: How to beat economic anxiety

Taking charge of your finances is about more than cutting your daily flat white at the local cafe. It starts with making better emotional decisions.

Somatic symptom profiles are associated with pre-treatment depression and anxiety symptom severity but not inpatient therapy outcomes


Baseline overly accommodating interpersonal problems in relation to parsed alliance-outcome associations in cognitive behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety disorder


Community belongingness during COVID-19 predicts anxiety and depression treatment change in college students


Therapists’ perceptions of interpersonally challenging patients in generalized anxiety disorder


The relationships among working alliance, group cohesion and homework engagement in group cognitive behaviour therapy for social anxiety disorder


What disorder(s) could I have?

This is a list I made of the stuff going on with me to share with the psychiatrist and family doctor when I have an appointment. 1.Sexual performance anxiety/Premature ejaculation 2.Anxiety/Paranoia 3.Worry that sparks anxiety and paranoia 4.Having trouble sleeping because of overactive anxiety/mind 5.Depression/thoughts that put me into a depressive state 6.Emotional/emotionally needy/emotionally dependant 7.Hard to control negative emotions/thoughts and speaking ...

Dos tercios de los universitarios españoles tienen ansiedad tras la pandemia

Un amplio estudio con una muestra de más de 5.000 alumnos de 35 campus revela que el 70% considera que su estado emocional empeoró por la covid-19

My anxiety is screaming right now.

A classmate whom I sat with for 6 classes at the back of the class said that she should be sitting in the front. Her reasons are that a friend of hers is persistently telling her to join him at the front and that she believes that she can focus better on the front which ...

I’m lonely, in my 30s and find it very hard to make new friends | Ask Annalisa Barbieri

Social anxiety and a dislike of party culture can create a void of loneliness, but there are ways to beat the fearI’m a man in a my mid-30s who feels pretty lonely. I’ve finished university so I’m no longer around new faces and friends have drifted for various reasons (moved away, kids etc). My two ...

Milena Smit: “Siempre he estado en terapia para trabajar en temas como la ansiedad o la depresión”

En solo tres años, ha estado dos veces nominada al Goya y ha protagonizado una serie de alcance internacional. Milena Smit se ha convertido en un fenómeno sin pretenderlo y ahora vuelve a los cines con ‘Tin & Tina’. En esta entrevista, no tiene miedo de enfrentarse a sus abismos: de la salud mental a ...

Cognitive–behavioral factors in tinnitus-related insomnia

Findings suggest that tinnitus-related insomnia may be maintained by cognitive–behavioral processes similar to those found in insomnia disorder. Such processes are more important than tinnitus severity when understanding sleep disturbance. People with tinnitus-related insomnia may benefit from treatments such as cognitive–behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Alexinomia: The fear of using personal names

Introduction Preliminary research based on everyday observations suggests that there are people, who experience severe fear when addressing others with their personal names. The aim of this study was to explore the extent to which this hitherto little-known psychological phenomenon really exists and to investigate its characteristic features, considering the everyday experience of not being able ...

Sustained increase in depression and anxiety among psychiatrically healthy adolescents during late stage COVID-19 pandemic

Increased symptoms of depression and anxiety were sustained at the later stage of the pandemic in healthy adolescents. Replication of these findings with a larger sample size would be required to draw firm conclusions.

COVID-19 Pandemic Associated With Worse Mental Health and Accelerated Brain Development in Adolescents

An NIMH-supported study suggests that adolescents living through the COVID-19 pandemic may be experiencing more anxiety and depression symptoms and accelerated brain aging.

Local Perspectives: Singing With Stage Fright

Most of us experience stage fright. Here’s what a professional singer does to lessen performance anxiety.

how to deal with anxiety?

Just conducted a telephonic interview, but for some reason my anxiety spiked through the roof throughout, I’ve recently completed my degree and have been busy job hunting , unfortunately it’s difficult for me to articulate myself when I become nervous. How do I mitigate this going forward I tend to be a recluse. Thank you ...

From Credit Suisse to Silicon Valley Bank, lenders’ woes abroad rattle Asian markets

Asian markets slumped Thursday as uncertainty around Zurich-headquartered Credit Suisse — on the heels of the collapse of a pair of midsize U.S. lenders — fed fears of a banking crisis. Japanese mega-banks, including Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and MUFG, ended the day down after Credit Suisse announced that it would borrow up to 50 billion ...

De darse una ducha a escribir pensamientos: así actúan los psicólogos cuando tienen ansiedad

Seis profesionales explican a EL PAÍS sus estrategias para cuidar su salud mental

Prevalence of depression and its association with quality of life in patients after pacemaker implantation during the COVID-19 pandemic: A network analysis

This study was designed to investigate the prevalence of predictors of depression in patients after pacemaker implantation during the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to identifying specific depressive symptoms associated with quality of life (QOL) using network analysis (NA).

Are You Watching Videos on TikTok About Health Tragedies?

Health anxiety makes us pay special attention to stories of illness and death. To combat the effects of this, we need to retrain our brains.

Characterizing Abnormal Neural Networks in Dogs With Anxiety

Dogs with anxiety have stronger neural connections between the amygdala and other areas of the anxiety network in the brain compared to less anxious dogs.

Anxiety and Depression Are Tightly Linked: Why It Matters

Implications for prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety. Anxiety is present in over half of patients coping with depression. Some researchers and therapists believe depression and anxiety can be “different sides of the same coin.” Understanding the tight connection between anxiety and depression is important for preventing, diagnosing, and treating it.

Potential of Control Conditions for Nonspecific Treatment Effects in Noninferiority Trials

To the Editor Hoge et al composed a well-written and interesting study examining the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) vs escitalopram for the treatment of anxiety disorders. A prominent finding was that in adults with anxiety disorders, 8 weeks’ treatment with MBSR was noninferior to escitalopram.

Putative risk and resiliency factors among Royal Canadian Mounted Police cadets

Objective Mental health disorders are prevalent among active-duty Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers. The current study was designed to assess whether RCMP cadets commencing the Cadet Training Program are inherently at greater risk of developing mental health challenges by statistically comparing cadet putative risk and resiliency scores to scores from young adult populations. The study ...

The effect of physical exercise on the anxiety of college students in the post-pandemic era: The mediating role of social support and proactive personality

… Physical exercise habits, social support, proactive personality traits, and anxiety of college students have a significant correlation. … the path of influencing social support through physical exercise habits, followed by affecting proactive personality traits, and then impacting anxiety has the strongest explanatory force. …

Investigating the effectiveness of a smart mental health intervention (inMind) for stress reduction during pharmacological treatment for mild to moderate major depressive disorders: Study protocol for a randomized control trial

Although psychological interventions for stress relief, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), have been developed, they have not been widely used in treating depression. The use of mobile devices can increase the possibility of actual use by integrating interventions and reducing the difficulty and cost burden of treatment application. This ...

Initiation of antidepressants in patients infected with SARS-COV-2: Don’t forget Caution for “Paradoxical” Anxiety/Jitteriness syndrome—Commentary: Prescription of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in COVID-19 infection needs caution

Initiation of antidepressants in patients infected with SARS-COV-2: Don't forget Caution for “Paradoxical” Anxiety/Jitteriness syndrome—Commentary: Prescription of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in COVID-19 infection needs caution

The efficacy of mindfulness-based therapy for anxiety, social skills, and aggressive behaviors in children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A systematic review

Introduction The purpose of this systematic review was to examine the efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions for improving anxiety, social skills, and aggressive behaviors in children and young people (CYP) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); summarize the results across clinic, home, and school contexts; and evaluate the quality of these interventions for clinical practice. Methods A search of the ...

Por qué dormimos menos y peor que hace cuatro décadas

Uno de cada cuatro adultos cree que no descansa bien, y España lidera el consumo mundial de medicamentos para dormir. Causas individuales, pero también sociales como los horarios, la falta de conciliación o el uso de pantallas, están detrás de este problema cada vez más generalizado en la sociedad

How do I spend the rest of my life coping with my mental health?

My anxiety issues are so bad. I’ve been like this since I was 11 or so. I am literally anxious 24/7. I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out all the time. This week has been especially terrible – it’s only Wednesday in the middle of the night and I’ve had three ...

Is Exercise as Effective as Medications or Talk Therapy?

Moving your body significantly improves depression, anxiety, and overall health. So why is it not a front-line approach in the United States? While exercise is well-recognized as beneficial to mood and health, it is often overlooked in the initial management of these conditions. The largest meta-analytic research study to date evaluating the impact of exercise on mood ...

Detecting Hidden Brain States With Mathematical Models

Using a mathematical model to study how the brain predicts information and learns, researchers discovered signals for accuracy are found in the anterior insula and anxiety affects activity levels in this brain region. … Why do we have emotions? Klaas Enno Stephan, a professor at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, considers the question carefully before ...

Optimize Your Anxiety

Worried about your career and unsure how to become valuable to others? Author and venture capitalist Matt Higgins offers some insights and knowledge. According to the Yerkes-Dodson law, a healthy amount of stress (i.e. performance anxiety) can help increase one’s performance. According to businessman Matt Higgins, being comfortable at work means you have excess capacity and you ...

Trauma-Informed Jiu-Jitsu

A Personal Perspective: Brazilian jiu-jitsu is being introduced as a means to address trauma, fear, anxiety, and addiction. In the field of psychotherapy, a current focus is helping clients get more in touch with their bodies. The body is the seat of knowledge and thus more therapists are guiding clients to, at the very least, be ...

Is Your Anxiety or Depression Worse When You’re Alone?

Have screens made us sadder, more anxious, and emotionally dumber? Screen dependency can impair people’s ability to enjoy alone time, fostering disassociation and disconnection from themselves and others. Studies show that screen dependency can negatively impact mental health, the ability to self-soothe, and emotional intelligence. Steps to enjoy alone time include limiting screen time, starting a mindfulness practice, ...

How to Take the Power Out of Anxious Thoughts

Experiencing anxiety? Learning to step back from your thoughts can help. Taking the power out of anxious thoughts can help anxiety symptoms. One way to do this is learning to step back and observe thoughts. Being less fused and more aware of the process of your thinking can help you manage difficult thoughts more effectively.

José Francisco López-Gil, nutricionista: “Hemos visto un aumento de la obsesión compulsiva por la comida saludable con las redes sociales”

Un estudio que incluye 16 países concluye que el 22% de los niños y adolescentes sufren trastornos de la alimentación

Ask the doctor: I’m dreading a long haul flight — will Xanax help?

Question: I’m going on a long haul flight soon and wanted to ask my GP for something to help with anxiety and restlessness on the flight. I took a Xanax someone gave me before and it worked wonders — is that the best thing to ask for?

Digital Anxiety

Do you struggle with digital anxiety? A few adjustments can make a big difference. Anxiety is a part of living, both online and offline. Keeping an anxiety journal may help to relieve stress. It may also help to limit social media and screen time and commit to non-digital self-care practices.

How an Opioid Settlement Hinders Patients’ Access to ADHD Medication and Other Drugs

An agreement between attorneys general and major drug distributors increased scrutiny on medications for A.D.H.D., addiction, anxiety and pain.

The Cost of Anxiety

Anxiety can negatively affect different parts of your life. Anxiety can negatively affect your relationships, work performance, and overall health. Anxiety is associated with thought patterns than can make you vulnerable to depression. Recalibrating your expectations to a more realistic level can reduce anxiety.

[UK] Girlfriend has airplaine trauma but she needs to fly for a funeral. How do we get her something to keep her calm enough to fly?

After a pretty scary landing (engines screaming, people lifting out of their seats, stuff flying around the cabin), my girlfriend has been left traumatised. She was meant to fly last year to see family for christmas, but even a week before the flight she was waking up in the night and vomiting from anxiety. She ...

Exercise Is Even More Effective Than Counselling or Medication for Depression

Exercise is an effective way to help with the treatment of a range of mental health disorders including depression and anxiety. In fact, exercise could be more effective than medication and counseling for depression.

Effective Nursing Home Psychotherapy: Blending Skill And Heart

Effective Nursing Home Psychotherapy: Blending Skill And Heart

A Powerful Therapeutic Tool for Defeating Negative Self-Talk

… I adapted the WBL model from core CBT principles and have found it useful while working with clients like Jill. At the beginning of our work together, Jill and I defined the specifics of situations that aroused her anxiety. Often when anxious a set of varied concerns coalesced and appeared as one item. We combatted ...

Excerpt from Barrett Rollins’ ‘In Sickness’

Excerpted from “In Sickness: A Memoir” by Barrett Rollins, Chief Scientific Officer, Emeritus, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Linde Family Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

Surgical patients addicted to cannabis face greater post-op risks

Surgical patients with cannabis use disorder were linked with higher odds of a 30-day hospital readmission, compared to patients who did not use cannabis, according to a first-of-its-kind study led by anesthesiologists at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Researchers found that patients with a diagnosed cannabis use disorder more often required advanced postprocedural health care ...

Can mindfulness help anxiety? Trial suggests yes.

Research has shown that the U.S. is facing a mental health crisis, with specialists unable to keep pace with a surge in cases during the pandemic. Amanda Baker, an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and director of Mass General’s Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders, recently worked with colleagues from New ...

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away?

The former director of psychology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital says laughter has a lot going for it. It makes us feel good, brings people closer together, lightens a workplace, and even, Dattilo has found in her practice, helps those with depression manage their condition. “Health care is expensive,” said Dattilo, an instructor of psychology in ...

Why did so many buy COVID misinformation?

Misinformation and disinformation about COVID and government-led health measures to combat the pandemic hampered efforts to form a unified national response to the disease. Public health officials, who struggled to convince doubters and skeptics, are still working through how and why it happened. Panelists at a talk hosted by the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law, Biotechnology, ...

Excerpt from ‘Why We Meditate’

Another in series of pieces about resetting our lives for a healthier new year. Excerpted from “Why We Meditate: The Science and Practice of Clarity and Compassion” by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. ’74, and Tsoknyi Rinpoche, with Adam Kane.

Worried about child’s mental health? You’re not alone.

… Pew Research Center’s Parenting in America Today survey, released in January, found that mental health issues are a top concern for parents, with 40 percent saying they are extremely or very worried that their children are struggling with anxiety or depression, and 36 percent feeling somewhat worried. In 2015, only 54 percent of parents ...

can I tell my pediatrician?

I have been dealing with some anxiety, sh, and eating disorder like behaviors and I’m due for my yearly check up with my pediatrician soon (im a minor). If I told my pediatrician about my mental health what would happen? I’m not a true danger to myself or others but I do sh and no ...

All Work, No Independent Play Cause of Children’s Declining Mental Health

The rise in childhood mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression may be linked to the decline in opportunities to play, explore, and engage in activities independent of parental control and oversight.

Health Concerns Mount in East Palestine Weeks After Ohio Train Derailment

In a tight-knit town already skeptical of the government, the lack of concrete information, and the open-ended nature of the crisis, undergird anxiety.

With humor and Xanax earrings, she fearlessly puts Latino mental health on display

After her experience with generalized anxiety disorder, entrepreneur Rosa Valdes is working to normalize mental health awareness among Latinos.

Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 May Not Be As Bad As Thought

Source: United Press International – Health News A new review of 137 studies from around the world has found that, despite dramatic stories about COVID-19’s impact on mental health, the psychological fallout from the pandemic has been less intense than thought. The pandemic has, however, had a disproportionate effect on women, according to the study, including ...

Anxiety, fear fill West Virginia’s transgender-health clinic

Doctors in West Virginia say transgender health care that could soon be banned in the state is just as essential as the other lifesaving services they provide

I think I am having an anxiety attack and idk what to do

I can’t say why I feel this way. I have had some tough things happen in the past which have made me very insecure about myself. This is especially very true about my relationships. I am currently in a very happy relationship with my bf of over 1 year, but my past keeps creeping up ...

Tres de cada cuatro mujeres experimentan el ‘síndrome del impostor’ en algún momento de sus carreras

Este trastorno, que afecta en mayor proporción a las mujeres, impide reconocer los logros y méritos propios, además de provocar miedo, inseguridad y ansiedad

Patients with Long COVID May Have Lower Levels of Brain Oxygen

Source: United Press International – Health News People who have long COVID—lingering symptoms after a COVID-19 infection—may also have lower oxygen levels in the brain, cognitive problems, and psychiatric troubles such as anxiety and depression, according to a pair of new studies. The results on brain oxygen are important, said lead author Dr. Peter Hall, “because ...

Patients’ experiences of being “ghosted” by their psychotherapists.

Psychotherapy, Vol 59(4), Dec 2022, 545-553; doi:10.1037/pst0000454 Psychotherapist ghosting is a type of inappropriate, therapist-initiated termination of treatment in which the therapist ceases communication with their patient without prior notice. A total of 77 patients (M age = 34) who reported being ghosted by their therapist completed a web-based therapist ghosting survey (TGS) that assessed ...

Talking about climate change and eco-anxiety in psychotherapy: A qualitative analysis of patients’ experiences.

Psychotherapy, Vol 59(4), Dec 2022, 606-615; doi:10.1037/pst0000449 Citizens’ worries about climate change are often realistic and legitimate. Simultaneously, these worries can also become a source of distress so severe as to impair everyday functioning and prompt someone to seek psychotherapy. These emergent phenomena are often referred to as “climate anxiety” or “climate depression” by the ...

Disaggregating between- and within-patient effects of ruptures and resolutions on the therapeutic alliance and symptom severity.

Psychotherapy, Vol 59(4), Dec 2022, 567-571; doi:10.1037/pst0000457 The therapeutic alliance is considered a robust predictor of psychotherapy outcome. Ruptures and resolutions in the alliance have been the focus of recent alliance literature. Most previous studies investigated their between-patient effects. We used hierarchical linear models to disaggregate the between- and within-patient effects of ruptures on the ...

Dementia-Related Behaviors Before, During, and After the Pandemic

Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), including depression, anxiety, and psychosis, are ubiquitous among people living with dementia and agnostic to the etiology and stage of illness. Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia are associated with poor outcomes for people living with dementia, including reduced quality of life, increased health care use, and nursing ...

Mi raza

La imagen perfecta de la soledad es la de una persona pequeña en el patio de un colegio, aterrada y padeciendo humillaciones que nadie percibe, que a nadie pueden contar y que, cree, no terminarán jamás

Older People with Anxiety Frequently Don’t Get Help. Here’s Why

Source: CNN – Top Stories Anxiety is the most common psychological disorder affecting adults in the United States. In older people, it’s associated with considerable distress as well as ill health, diminished quality of life and elevated rates of disability. Yet when the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent, influential panel of experts, suggested last ...

An ADHD Diagnosis in Adulthood Comes with Challenges and Benefits

Source: APA Monitor When Terry Matlen, a clinical social worker, was in her 40s, she was diagnosed with ADHD. “My entire life, there was something off,” Matlen said. This included significant anxiety as well as academic and behavioral issues, all of which started at a young age. Although Matlen was initially quite skeptical of her diagnosis, ...

As Climate Changes, Climate Anxiety Rises in Youth

Source: CBS News – Health Kids often worry about much different things than their parents do. One of the big ones is climate change. Research shows most youth are “extremely worried” about it, leading to a phenomenon called climate anxiety. Kids and young adults with this anxiety feel they have no future or that humanity is ...

Effectiveness of cognitive analytic therapy for mixed anxiety and depression in the context of borderline traits: A quasi-experimental single case design evaluation.

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, Vol 33(1), Mar 2023, 34-46; doi:10.1037/int0000281 The evidence base for the use of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) as a short-term, integrative, and relational psychotherapy for anxiety and depression is building. This study contributes by intensively studying change in two types of quantitative outcomes (ideographic and nomothetic) over treatment time. The study ...

Blood Test for Anxiety Developed

A newly developed blood test screens for biomarkers associated with anxiety to determine a person’s risk of developing the disorder as well as monitor the severity of symptoms in those with anxiety.

Psicodelia: un mundo alucinante que revela fenómenos de profundo interés filosófico

Los tratamientos han confirmado la eficacia terapéutica y transformadora de sustancias psicoactivas como el LSD y el THC, pero el debate sobre su relación con la conciencia apenas acaba de comenzar

Improved lifestyle is associated with improved depression, anxiety and well-being over time in UK healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic: insights from the CoPE-HCP cohort study

Background One potential modifiable factor to improve the mental health of healthcare professionals (HCPs) during the pandemic is lifestyle. Aims This study aimed to assess whether an improved lifestyle during the pandemic is associated with improved mental health symptoms and mental well-being in HCPs over time. Methods This was a cohort study involving an online survey distributed at two separate ...

Proactive psychological and psychiatric support of patients with chronic non-communicable diseases in a randomised trial: a Ukrainian experience

Background Presently, approaches for the early treatment of pathological anxiety in patients with chronic non-communicable diseases are lacking, thus delaying the initiation of symptom management at the early onset of the illness. Proactive psychological and psychiatric support, to alleviate subclinical symptoms of anxiety and to improve the quality of life in patients with chronic non-communicable diseases, ...

Investigating genetic causal relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism and subjective well-being

Background High blood pressure is a leading cardiovascular disease risk factor and considered to be associated with psychological factors. However, the causal relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism and subjective well-being are not clear. Aims The current study explored the genetic causal relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism and subjective well-being. Methods Mendelian randomisation ...

The mental health of China and Pakistan, mental health laws and COVID-19 mental health policies: a comparative review

Mental health is one of the major causes of disability worldwide, and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are ranked among the top 25 leading causes of disease burden in the world. This burden is considerable over the lifetime of both men and women and in various settings and ages. This study aims ...

Interaction Structures in the Online Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of a Patient with Anxiety Symptoms

Interaction structures (IS) are reciprocal and mutual patterns of interaction between the therapist and patient, sometimes without either being aware of them. IS are mostly unique to each dyad but also can capture patterns that might be due to a particular therapy approach or clinical condition. The identification of IS in online psychodynamic settings can ...

Quantitative electroencephalographic biomarker of pharmacological treatment response in patients with anxiety disorder: a retrospective study

In clinical practice, qEEG is used as an auxiliary tool in the treatment of anxiety disorders, and is gradually proving its usefulness. In addition to diagnosing anxiety disorders, predicting their reactivity prior to treatment is also important, and qEEG has shown promise in this regard. Patients with anxiety disorders who show elevated T3 and T4 ...

Researchers develop blood test for anxiety

Researchers have successfully developed a blood test for anxiety. The test examines biomarkers that can help them objectively determine someone’s risk for developing anxiety, the severity of their current anxiety and which therapies would likely treat their anxiety the best.

A racing heart makes the mind race, too, mouse study finds

Lowering heart rate may be a way to treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression

Panic Disorder, GAD, Benzodiazepine Treatment During Pregnancy, and Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes

Interview with Kimberly A. Yonkers, MD, author of Association of Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Benzodiazepine Treatment During Pregnancy With Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes

Testing Standard and Modular Designs for Psychotherapy Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Conduct Problems in Youth

Interview with John R. Weisz, PhD, author of Testing Standard and Modular Designs for Psychotherapy Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Conduct Problems in Youth

Efficacy of Yoga vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Stress Education for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Interview with Naomi M. Simon, MD, MSc., author of Efficacy of Yoga vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Stress Education for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Behavioral Therapy vs Supportive Therapy for Youths With Social Anxiety Disorder

Interview with Jens Högström, PhD, and Eva Serlachius, MD, PhD, authors of Therapist-Guided Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Internet-Delivered Supportive Therapy for Children and Adolescents With Social Anxiety Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Anxiety in Late Life—Questioning the Federal Guidelines for Anxiety Screening in Older Adults

This Viewpoint discusses the updated US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations for anxiety screening in adults.

Utility of Wrist-Wearable Data for Assessing Pain, Sleep, and Anxiety Outcomes After Traumatic Stress Exposure

This cohort study evaluates whether wrist-wearable devices can provide useful biomarkers for recovery after traumatic stress exposure.

Pregnant patients with anxiety have altered immune systems

The immune system of pregnant women with anxiety is biologically different from that of pregnant women without anxiety, according to new research.

Pregnant Patients With Anxiety Shown to Have Altered Immune Systems

Pregnant women with anxiety have higher levels of cytotoxic T cells and a difference in the activity of immune markers that circulate in the blood compared to pregnant women without anxiety.

Young adults in California experience alarming rates of anxiety and depression, poll finds

A poll of young Californians finds a generation feeling the strain of problems from the cost of housing to a lack of healthcare.

An increased heart rate induces anxiety, study hints

‘This is an unequivocal demonstration that, at least in mice, heart rate can affect anxiety’

Long COVID Linked to Lower Brain Oxygen Levels, Cognitive Problems and Psychiatric Symptoms

Long COVID is linked to reduced oxygen uptake in the brain, a new study reports. Researchers say the finding is significant as a lack of sufficient oxygen supply may be one of the mechanisms that cause brain fog, cognitive problems, and an increased risk of depression and anxiety in long COVID patients.

You’re an Anxious Person and Want to Quit Your Job. Here’s What to Do.

Leaving a job can create worry in anyone, but especially in people who are prone to anxiety. Preparation and knowing you’re not alone can help.

Exercise More Effective Than Medicines to Manage Mental Health

Exercise intervention that lasts 12 weeks or less appears to be most effective at reducing mental health symptoms, especially for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Higher-intensity exercise proved more beneficial in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression than longer-duration programs.

Why Aren’t Doctors Screening Older Americans for Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are common among seniors, but an influential panel seems likely to recommend against routine screening. Some experts disagree.

Protein Biomarkers Identified in Women Who Developed Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Study reveals women who develop anxiety and mood disorders such as perinatal depression during pregnancy have specific altered proteins circulating in their blood stream during the third trimester.

Mystical and Insightful Psychedelic Experience May Improve Mental Health

Recent studies have explored the use of psychedelics for the treatment of a range of mental health disorders. A new study reveals more insightful and mystical “trips” while exposed to psychedelics may be linked to an enduring reduction of symptoms for those with anxiety and depression.

The Neurobiology of Anxiety

Mood and anxiety disorders are believed to stem from an imbalance among neurons in the brain’s emotional hubs instead of areas responsible for higher thought processes. They are situated in the frontal lobe, which is said to be the most recently evolved part of our brains. Furthermore, evidence shows that the brain mechanisms engaged during ...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients May Suffer Significantly Higher Rates of Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Ideation

Study reveals a link between IBS and an increased risk of developing mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Researchers say identifying and treating mental health comorbidities in those with IBS improves the quality of life for sufferers.

Experience with therapists? My friend recommended an AI Therapy app but I wonder if I’m missing out on a normal one?

I’ve been struggling with general sadness, as well as depression and anxiety for a long time. I’ve been looking into finding a therapist, but have mostly had bad experiences and found out that they actually had bad reviews in general. They’re also quite expensive and given my mental state I usually want one immediately when ...

Ask Allison: I am almost 30 and have no friends. How can I overcome my crippling anxiety?

Question: I’m writing this email to express how lonely I feel in my life. I will be 30 years old soon, which feels like a milestone age for me, and ever since this birthday has inched closer and closer and the impacts of the pandemic have hit, it has made me realise how lonely I ...

Discovery in Zebrafish May Yield Better Understanding of a Range of Mental Health Disorders Related to Stress and Anxiety

Deficiencies in DSCAML1 disrupt normal brain development and increase baseline levels of cortisol, making the hormone less able to function correctly during periods of stress. The findings shed new light on programmed cell death in the developing brain and could lead to new treatments for mental health disorders including stress and anxiety.

Understanding clinical fear and anxiety through the lens of human fear conditioning

Understanding clinical fear and anxiety through the lens of human fear conditioning

Communication and Connectedness against Depression and Anxiety

Haverkampf-CJ-Communication-and-Connectedness-against-Depression-and-Anxiety-J-Psychiatry-Psychotherapy-Communication-2022-Jun-30-62-21-24Download   Communication and Connectedness against Depression and Anxiety Christian Jonathan Haverkampf Abstract—Connectedness with others is an important criterion for mental health. While understanding the underlying content and dynamics is essential, connectedness with others can help reduce anxiety and depression. In addition, external connectedness requires internal connectedness. Index Terms—connectedness, communication, depression, anxiety, treatment, psychotherapy, psychiatry I.     INTRODUCTION Connectedness is a feeling of ...

COVID-19 Pandemic Associated With Worse Mental Health and Accelerated Brain Development in Adolescents

An NIMH-supported study suggests that adolescents living through the COVID-19 pandemic may be experiencing more anxiety and depression symptoms and accelerated brain aging.

Director’s Innovation Speaker Series: Ecological Grief and Anxiety: A Healthy Response to Climate Change

During this talk, Ashlee Cunsolo, Ph.D., will discuss the profound, cumulative, and complex mental health outcomes of the climate crisis.

Why I stopped using antidepressants after 12 years — and went back on them again

Picture this — floating lazily on a canal boat in Amsterdam on a beautiful summer day with my teenage children, on our way to the Van Gogh museum. We’d been cycling around the Vondelpark in the sun, and would later see a Banksy exhibition. A perfect day. Except I was pulsing with anxiety, and trying ...

You can’t fix school refusal with ‘tough love’ – but these steps might help | Christine Grové and Alexandra Marinucci

Parents and educators should approach a child refusing to go to school in a supportive, collaborative and responsive way, without punishmentSchool attendance levels in Australia are a massive issue, according to the education minister, Jason Clare. As he told reporters last week, he hopes to talk to state colleagues about the issue at a meeting ...

‘It’s soul destroying’: why so many NHS staff are off sick with burnout

Doctors, paramedics and nurses explain the stress and anxiety of working in a system that has reached breaking point“Frustration with the system was why I went off in the end,” said Conor Calby, 26, a paramedic and Unison rep in southwest England, who was recently off work for a month with burnout. “I felt like ...

Neural Correlates of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention in Anorexia Nervosa

Mindfulness meditation training reduces anxiety associated with eating disorders by altering the activity of brain areas associated with anxiety.

Study reveals links between UK air pollution and mental ill-health

Researchers find long-term exposure to even relatively low levels raises risk of depression and anxietyLong-term exposure to even comparatively low levels of air pollution could cause depression and anxiety, according to a study exploring the links between air quality and mental ill-health.Tracking the incidence of depression and anxiety in almost 500,000 UK adults over 11 ...

Considering Feb Fast? Here are the immediate and long-term benefits of giving up alcohol

From improving sleep quality to unmasking underlying anxiety, a booze-free month is good for your health – and it could be the gateway to longer-term abstinenceGet our weekend culture and lifestyle emailThe holidays are drawing to a close, leaving only memories of end-of-year parties, and hot afternoons nursing a chilled beer or white wine. Traditionally ...

The impact of working alliance in managing youth anxiety and depression: a scoping review

The impact of working alliance in managing youth anxiety and depression: a scoping review

‘Doctors told me my heart palpitations were anxiety – actually I had a disease that could have killed me’

Jade Cooke, 35, used to do yoga five times a week and knew something was wrong when she stated to get extremely breathless

Poor Literacy Linked to Worse Mental Health Worldwide

Poor literacy skills or being illiterate is associated with an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression, researchers say. Additionally, poor literacy is also linked to increased feelings of loneliness.

Anxiety and functional impairment affects undergraduate psychology students’ learning in remote emergency teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

Anxiety and functional impairment affects undergraduate psychology students’ learning in remote emergency teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

Try these strategies to help children cope with going back to school – they work for parents and teachers too | Bethany Devenish, Ana Mantilla and Nicole Rinehart for the Conversation

If your child is anxious about starting school or going back after the summer holidays, the approaches we use for children with disability can help all familiesWhy does one child experience excitement at the thought of starting the school year while another experiences debilitating anxiety?It’s rarely one thing and is often a combination of factors, ...


Experiencing social anxiety in the midst of managing a chronic health condition can pose many challenges, particularly regarding developing and maintaining a strong social support system. Feelings of doubt and insecurity regarding one’s sense of belonging, acceptability and freedom to know and be known by others are often core features underlying social anxiety. These feelings… ...

Anxiety symptoms and puberty interactively predict lower cingulum microstructure in preadolescent Latina girls

Anxiety symptoms and puberty interactively predict lower cingulum microstructure in preadolescent Latina girls

Procrastination Is Linked to Poor Mental and Physical Health

Procrastination is linked to increased anxiety, stress, pain, unhealthier lifestyles, and delays in seeking assistance for general health problems.

Daily exposure to virtual nature reduces symptoms of anxiety in college students

Daily exposure to virtual nature reduces symptoms of anxiety in college students

Anxiety Treatment

Haverkampf-CJ-Anxiety-Treatment-J-Psychiatry-Psychotherapy-Communication-2022-Jun-30-52-45-48-1Download   Anxiety Treatment Christian Jonathan Haverkampf Abstract—Anxiety is a highly treatable condition. However, it impairs the life of many. Treatment approaches, such as CBT may lead to quick improvements, which, however, may often not be sustainable. A more insight and communication-focused approach may lead to longer-lasting results. Communication-Focused Therapy® has been developed to that end. Index Terms—anxiety, communication, depression, ...

Frequent Visits to Green Space Linked to Lower Use of Certain Prescription Meds

People who frequently visit green spaces are less likely to use prescription medications for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and asthma, a new study reports.

The link between mental health and ADHD is strong — so why aren’t we paying attention?

On Blue Monday — supposedly the gloomiest day of the year — a study shows adults with high levels of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than adults with high levels of autistic traits.

Managing emotions better could prevent pathological aging

Negative emotions, anxiety and depression are thought to promote the onset of neurodegenerative diseases and dementia. But what is their impact on the brain and can their deleterious effects be limited? Neuroscientists have observed the activation of the brains of young and older adults when confronted with the psychological suffering of others. The neuronal connections ...

Scary monsters: how virtual reality could help people cope with anxiety

Guardian science correspondent is put to the test in the panic-inducing VR world of a game that teaches breathing techniqueTethered to a chair, in a gloomy basement, I’m doing my best not to panic – by breathing in for four seconds, holding for seven, and slowly releasing for eight. But when a bloodthirsty monster appears ...

Common Brain Network for Psychiatric Illness Discovered

Investigating four pre-existing, publically available psychological and neurological data sets, researchers identify a network of brain areas that underlie psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

How We Learn From Being Wrong Can Lead to Anxiety

Those with a more pessimistic outlook show an increase in anxiety when their expectations turn out to be incorrect.

Kym Marsh: There were times on Strictly when my anxiety threatened to take hold

Kym Marsh said there were times during training and performing on Strictly Come Dancing when her anxiety “reared its head” but that she cherishes learning how far she was able to push herself.

Stop tying yourself in knots: what stress does to your body – and how to beat it

From migraines to IBS, back pain and hair loss, millions of us suffer health problems triggered by stress and anxiety. Here’s how to deal with them?Nine out of 10 patients who see their GP about headaches have migraines. They affect one in seven people, with an estimated 190,000 attacks each day in the UK. Peter ...

Is it normal to be this depressed all the time?

I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a kid. I’m going to be turning 31 next year. I have taken antidepressants in my early – mid 20s and although they helped, the side effects on my body and autoimmune disease were no longer tolerable. About 7 years ago I went a more holistic ...

How to Stop Work Anxiety From Sabotaging Your Vacation

Coming back from a break can feel like the Sunday scaries on steroids. Experts offer tools to keep your dread at bay.


“I don’t measure up.” “I’m different than others and don’t fit in.” “I’m socially inept / I’m bad at meeting people and making small talk.” “I come across as nervous and awkward, which others see as weird and weak.” “People find me uninteresting / unattractive.” “In order to be accepted and liked, I must always… ...

I can’t stop having mental breakdowns over small things my boyfriend does.

This is not something that he knows about, nor do I let affect me in front of him. I hold it together and cry in private. I have serious abandonment issues and serious indications of BPD. I already have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and OCD. Anytime my boyfriend makes me feel ignored or unworthy, my first ...

How Do I Talk to People?

How Can I Improve Talking to Others? If you are socially anxious or shy, it can be difficult to talk to people. But with patience and practice, the process of talking to other people gets easier over time. The easiest way to start talking to someone is by finding common ground. This can be as ...

22-year-old NBA draft pick retires from basketball citing anxiety: ‘I can’t continue this fight any longer’

22-year-old Tyrell Terry calls his basketball career “the darkest times of my life” in Instagram post

For some, the Christmas season can be anything but merry. These expert tips will help you manage your anxiety and feel more festive

As the cost of living crisis escalates and normal Christmases return after a muted two years, anxiety levels are escalating too.

School refusal: parents forced to quit jobs to care for children who can’t go to class, Senate inquiry told

Mental health organisations share concerns about how students are coping after pandemic closuresFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastSome parents have been forced to quit their jobs or scale back their hours to care for children who can’t go to ...

Associations of overall and specific carbohydrate intake with anxiety status evolution in the prospective NutriNet-Santé population-based cohort

This prospective study found significant associations between dietary carbohydrate intake and anxiety status evolution among French adults.

When it is More than Post-COVID Social Discomfort: Recognizing the Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder

When it is More than Post-COVID Social Discomfort: Recognizing the Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder lisebram December 14, 2022

Medial prefrontal cortex input to basolateral amygdala controls acute stress-induced short-term anxiety-like behavior in mice

Medial prefrontal cortex input to basolateral amygdala controls acute stress-induced short-term anxiety-like behavior in mice

No evidence that gaze anxiety predicts gaze avoidance behavior during face-to-face social interaction

No evidence that gaze anxiety predicts gaze avoidance behavior during face-to-face social interaction

Common Sweetener Linked to Anxiety

Aspartame, a sweetener found in diet drinks and food, has been linked to an increased risk of developing anxiety behaviors in a new mouse study. The effects of exposure to aspartame extended for up to two generations.

Research links common sweetener with anxiety in mouse study

Researchers have linked the artificial sweetener aspartame to anxiety-like behavior in mice. Along with producing anxiety in the mice who consumed aspartame, the effects extended up to two generations from the males exposed to the sweetener, according to the study.

Fostering healthy coping tools at Christmas/during the holidays

Christmas is sold to us as the most wonderful time of year but for many of us whose life doesn’t resemble the John Lewis ad, the festive period can be Read More

Funnel metadynamics and behavioral studies reveal complex effect of D2AAK1 ligand on anxiety-like processes

Funnel metadynamics and behavioral studies reveal complex effect of D2AAK1 ligand on anxiety-like processes

Antidepressants saved my life. Then their side effects pushed me back into turmoil

Robyn Morris was prescribed the antidepressant sertraline, which helped ease her anxiety and panic attacks. But the side effects of the drug meant a resurfacing of the disordered eating she had struggled with years earlier. What happens when something that helps you also hurts you at the same time?

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep during Uncertain Times

If you’ve found yourself tossing and turning at bedtime lately, you’re certainly not alone.  In the aftermath of COVID-19, with the current socio political climate, and the rising cost of Read More

How to use the 333 rule for anxiety

Feeling anxious? This simple trick can help alleviate some of those worries

Fearlessness can be learned

The neurotransmitter serotonin plays a key role in both the onset and in the unlearning of fear and anxiety. A research team has been investigating the underlying mechanisms. The researchers showed that mice lacking a specific serotonin receptor unlearn fear much faster than the wild type. The results of the study provide a viable explanation ...

Immune System Irregularities Found in Women With Postpartum Mood Disorders

Women who experience postpartum mood disorders including PTSD, depression, and anxiety two to three years after giving birth had irregular immune system responses, researchers report.

Playing the Piano Boosts Brain Processing Power and Helps Lift the Blues

Beginners who took piano lessons for one hour a week over the course of 11 weeks showed improvements in audio and visual processing. Additionally, musical training helped to boost mood and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Having hypermobile joints can increase the risk for depression and anxiety in adolescents

A link has been found between joint hypermobility and the emergence of depression and anxiety in adolescence, according to a new study. Researchers found that young people with joint hypermobility were more likely to have depression and anxiety, and that psychiatric symptoms were also more severe among hypermobile participants.

Blood Pressure Highly Likely to Cause Neurotic Personality Trait

Study reveals a link between diastolic blood pressure and an increased risk of neurotic personality traits. Controlling blood pressure can help to reduce anxiety, depression, and neuroticism.

With Anxiety On the Rise, Some Children Try ‘Exposure Therapy’

Exposure therapy contends that many children with anxiety would be helped by following an old and simple dictum: Face your fears.

Corporal Punishment Affects Brain Activity, Anxiety, and Depression

Corporal punishment increases the risk of developing anxiety and depression in adolescents, researchers report. Additionally, corporal punishment alters brain activity and impacts brain development.

Potential New Lead Compounds for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Study identifies potential new drugs that can help treat depression and anxiety disorders without many of the adverse effects of other medications currently under evaluation.

In Utero Exposure to Flame Retardants Increases Anxiety Symptoms

A new study reveals a link between fetal exposure to flame retardants and an increased risk of anxiety during adolescents. Researchers found the higher the levels of PBDE, a class of chemicals used in flame retardants, in a pregnant woman’s blood sample, the higher a child’ scored for anxiety during their teenage years.

Seeing You Distorts My Memory: People With Attachment Anxiety More Likely to Create False Memories When They Can See the Person Talking

Adults with attachment anxiety are more likely to remember details incorrectly, especially when they can see the person relaying information, than those with other personality types like neuroticism or attachment avoidance.

‘Then, one day, boom, just paralysed’ – Ireland hero Robbie Brady reveals he struggled with anxiety for years

Robbie Brady has revealed the mental health issues which “paralysed” him as he attempted to come to terms with the loss of close family members and the injuries which have plagued his career.

Experts say impact of pandemic still affecting university students’ mental health

Students are struggling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts

Exposing Brain Tissue to Psilocybin Provides Insights Into Consciousness, Depression and Anxiety

Investigating how psychedelics such as psilocybin act on serotonin receptors, researchers shed new light on how the drugs affect consciousness and assist in treating a range of mental health disorders.

From TikTok to Netflix, meet rising star Ruth Codd: ‘Social media helped me understand it’s okay to be yourself’

On only the second day of shooting her acting debut on Netflix series The Midnight Club, Ruth Codd grappled with a troublesome word in the script. Every take, she fluffed the line, and with every stumble, her anxiety increased.


Many professionals, managers and executives with social anxiety hesitate to use the term “social anxiety” because they are high achievers and they feel shame associated with lacking confidence at work. Many times, they come in using the words “stress and anxiety” generically. However, when I probe on why they are anxious, it often comes back… ...


Many professionals, managers and executives with social anxiety hesitate to use the term “social anxiety” because they are high achievers and they feel shame associated with lacking confidence at work. Many times, they come in using the words “stress and anxiety” generically. However, when I probe on why they are anxious, it often comes back… ...

Puppies on Prozac: How to Handle Your Pet’s Anxiety

Veterinarians say they have seen an increasing number of pets experiencing mental distress. Here’s how to spot the signs.

Exploring the Consequences of Early Life Adversity on the Brain

Childhood adversity can have a life-long impact on mental health and behavior. Adults who experienced childhood adversity are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Private renters twice as likely as homeowners to have anxiety, UK study suggests

Anxiety Nation report finds clear links between financial insecurity and poor mental healthPrivate renters are twice as likely as homeowners to suffer symptoms of anxiety, according to research that finds clear evidence of the links between financial insecurity and poor mental health.In a report called Anxiety Nation, researchers from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) thinktank ...

Evening People Show Enhanced Fear Acquisition, Which May Increase the Risk to Develop Anxiety

The vulnerability of those with evening chronotypes to anxiety, PTSD, and related disorders may be mediated by altered fear acquisition.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Is as Effective as an Antidepressant Drug for Treating Anxiety Disorders

Study reveals mindfulness-based stress reduction methods proved to be as effective as antidepressants for relieving symptoms for those with anxiety disorders.

Meditation as effective as medication for anxiety, study finds

Mindfulness meditation was shown to be as effective as an antidepressant for anxiety, according to a study in JAMA Psychiatry.

‘Plunge your face into ice water’: New York Times mocked over election anxiety tips

The Twittersphere was quick to see the Times’ tweet as a sign of liberal fear and reacted with gleeUS midterm election results 2022: liveUS midterm elections 2022 – latest live news updatesAs the US midterm elections heated up on Tuesday, online wits were quick to douse a New York Times tweet which offered “five ways ...

How to cope with political panic

Midterm elections 2022 come amid political panic and anxiety. How to cope.

Trauma During Childhood Triples the Risk of Suffering a Serious Mental Disorder in Adulthood

Childhood trauma significantly increases the risk of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder later in life. For children who experienced emotional abuse, the most prevalent disorder reported was anxiety. Trauma also increased the risks for psychosis, OCD, and bipolar disorder. Significantly, those who experience trauma during childhood were 15 times more likely to be ...

NHS to prescribe cognitive behavioural therapy apps to children with anxiety

Draft guidance from Nice conditionally recommends digital CBT with support from a mental health professionalChildren as young as five who suffer from anxiety are to be prescribed cognitive behavioural therapy apps on the NHS via mobile phones, tablets and computers.The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), the health regulator, has conditionally recommended digital ...

Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes Result in Less Smoking in Anxious and Depressed Smokers

Lowering nicotine levels to non-addictive levels reduces smoking without worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety for those suffering from mental health disorders.

Daytime Sleep Enhance Fear Memories of Emotional Trauma and Anxiety

Taking a short nap during the day can enhance memories of disturbing and fearful events, a new study reports.

Clinical and cognitive improvement following full-spectrum, high-cannabidiol treatment for anxiety: open-label data from a two-stage, phase 2 clinical trial

Results provide preliminary evidence supporting efficacy and tolerability of a full-spectrum, high-CBD product for anxiety. Patients quickly achieve and maintain symptom reduction with few side effects. A definitive assessment of the impact of this novel treatment on clinical symptoms and cognition will be ascertained in the ongoing double-blind, placebo-controlled stage.

How to use the 333 rule for anxiety

Feeling anxious? This simple trick can help alleviate some of those worries

Anxiety in rural Ireland as winter sees the country’s most prolific criminals target farms, homes and businesses

When the clocks went back last weekend it marked the official start of winter, as autumn’s russet colours fade under a blanket of cold grey skies and long dark nights.

Could a prescription of surfing help with depression?

A new trial is exploring if prescriptions of surfing, gardening and dance classes can reduce anxiety and depression in people aged 11 to 18. NHS mental health trusts in 10 parts of England will use a range of sports, arts and outdoor activities with 600 young people to see if it can stop conditions worsening ...

Autistic Women Have Increased Risk of Mental Illness

Women on the autism spectrum are more likely to be diagnosed with a co-morbid mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or increased risk of self-harm than males with autism.

How Early Fears Play a Role in Future Anxiety and Depression

Behavioral inhibition at 12 to 24 months of age was associated with an increased risk of developing depression, more so than anxiety, during later life. This is especially true for inhibited children who showed blunted activity in the ventral striatum during adolescence.

Autistic people more likely to have depression and anxiety while pregnant, study finds

Pregnancy and prenatal appointments can result in sensory issues

Young people to be prescribed surfing and dancing by NHS to help anxiety

Study to assess if ‘social prescribing’ such as surfing or rollerskating can stop conditions worsening while on waiting listsYoung people will take part in surfing, rollerskating and gardening to see whether sport, the arts and outdoor activities can make them less anxious and depressed.NHS mental health trusts will use the activities to help 600 young ...

Green Eyeglasses Reduce Pain-Related Anxiety in Fibromyalgia Patients

Using eyeglasses that filter a specific wavelength on the green light spectrum reduces pain-related anxiety and could decrease the need for opioids for those with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

How to use the 333 rule for anxiety

Feeling anxious? This simple trick can help alleviate some of those worries

SSRIs and CBT Lead to Changes in Brain

Effective neurochemical changes in the brain of those with social anxiety take different forms after SSRI treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Being Stressed Out Before You Get COVID Increases Your Chances of Long COVID

Those with pre-existing anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and distress caused by loneliness are at 50% increased risk of developing Long-COVID following coronavirus infection.

Dubliner encouraging others to open up about their mental health struggles

A Dubliner who has battled anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia is encouraging others not to be afraid to seek help.

Why is hoarding on the rise? We ask an expert

With anxiety, loneliness and the cost of living crisis driving an urge to accumulate, when does clutter become a cause for concern?Hoarding behaviours are on the rise, with some councils even setting up specialist teams to deal with the issue. But why? And what should you do if you’re worried? I asked Jo Cooke, director ...

Is it OCD or Social Anxiety? Or is it Both?

Is it OCD or Social Anxiety? Or is it Both? lisebram October 20, 2022

Ditch doomscrolling to improve your mental health

New research suggests that taking a break from the news is linked to lower depression and anxiety. Healthy eating also helps.

How the psychiatric ward rescued me from severe postpartum anxiety

Days after my baby was born, I was overwhelmed by raw terror. Soon, my son and I were living in a specialist unit. This is what I learned“If you tried to leave now, we would section you.” It was my second day in the mother and baby unit, a psychiatric ward that treats women with ...

Listen! Birdsong Is Good for Mental Health

Listening to birdsong reduces anxiety and paranoia, a new study reports.

Health Panel Recommends Screening All Kids 8 and Up for Anxiety

To address the mental health crisis facing American youth, experts also said adolescents should be screened for depression.

Anxiety is ubiquitous in today’s world. Are we recognising it more — or do we just like having a disorder?

A health panel in the US, the US Preventive Services Task Force, recently recommended that all adults under the age of 65 be screened for anxiety . It’s being described as a ‘global plague’ by medics, and the stats are pretty stark.

COVID-19 pandemic cancellations took harsh toll on teen athletes, whose mental and physical health improved significantly after sports resumed, study finds

High rates of depression and anxiety reported by adolescent athletes whose sports were cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic improved significantly a year later when they were able to resume playing sports, according to new research.

Hangover Anxiety: How a Night of Drinking Can Tank Your Mood

Consuming alcohol can mess with your emotions the next day by causing stress hormones to spike and sleep to be disrupted overnight.

Task Force Guidance for Anxiety Screening Should Open a Series of Mental Health Support Doors

Task Force Guidance for Anxiety Screening Should Open a Series of Mental Health Support Doors lisebram October 6, 2022

Children with food allergy-related anxiety can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy

A new study shows that targeted cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can significantly lessen food allergy-related anxiety (FAA) for both children and parents.

The cost of living is the chief cause of worker stress and anxiety says survey

THE spiralling cost of living is the greatest cause of stress and anxiety for almost three quarters of workers, according to a new “wellbeing index”.


Have you ever felt bogged down by worries, physical symptoms, fears, and avoidances? Do these things prevent you from living the life that you want to live? Do you end up feeling overwhelmed or defeated? Does it all feel as if it’s too much to bear? Are these things draining your motivation to work on… ...

Kendall Jenner says brain scan showed that she ‘100 per cent has anxiety’

Model has been outspoken about her struggles with anxiety

Not pursuing your goals during the pandemic is good for your mental health, study finds

People who shelved their long-term goals during the pandemic were better able to avoid anxiety and depression, according to a new study.

Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Blamed My Anxiety’

Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.

Anxiety During Pregnancy Can Lead To Earlier Births

Women who experience anxiety while pregnant are more likely to give birth earlier than women who don’t.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety increased marginally from before to during the COVID-19 pandemic among young adults in Canada

Symptoms of depression and anxiety increased marginally from before to during the COVID-19 pandemic among young adults in Canada

Should I Tell My Date I Have Social Anxiety?

How Do You Date If You Have Social Anxiety? You’re on a first date. It’s going well. The conversation is flowing, you’re both laughing. Then, the inevitable happens: the awkward silence. Your mind starts racing. What do I say? What if I say something wrong? What if they think I’m boring? Suddenly, you feel your ...

How fear memories get stuck in some brains

Researchers have discovered a biological mechanism that increases the strength with which fear memories are stored in the brain. The study, done in rats, provides new knowledge on the mechanisms behind anxiety-related disorders, and identifies shared mechanisms behind anxiety and alcohol dependence.

Stress-busting drug that reduces anxiety discovered by Cork scientists

A stress-busting drug that reduces social withdrawal, anxiety and depression in people resistant to existing therapies has been discovered by Cork scientists.

Most US adults under 65 should be screened for anxiety, expert panel recommends

US Task Force released its draft recommendation on Tuesday

Year 2020 was ‘so traumatic’ for young people that it stunted their social development, says study

Increased ‘fear and anxiety’ hindered young people’s development

Adults Show Poorer Cognition, Better Well-Being with Age

Significantly worse symptoms of depression, anxiety, and loneliness were seen in younger people, while older people showed greater mental well-being. However, when it came to cognition, task performance was worse in older adults.

Museums on prescription: Brussels tests cultural visits to treat anxiety

Psychiatrists in the city can now prescribe free visits to cultural venues to complement other treatmentsA tour of ancient sewers? An encounter with a masterpiece of 16th-century lace-making? These are two of the therapies on offer to people in Brussels suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.From this month, psychiatrists in one of the city’s largest ...

Free talk at Gorey Library offered insight into mental health

A FREE talk in Gorey library offered people time and space to learn about anxiety and practical tools that can help them to manage it.

Problems Persist for Kids Exposed to Cannabis in the Womb

Prenatal exposure to cannabis was associated with an increased risk of neuropsychological disorders, including anxiety and depression, in children. The risk grows as they enter adolescence and adulthood.

I wake up without a goal

I should study but I am not capable of it anymore, I do not have a stable job, I feel tired all the time, I have anxiety sparks, I don’t know what to do 🙁 What can I do? :”'( I am desperate submitted by /u/NatSpaghettiAgency Hi, I am very sorry to hear how you ...


I have this problem I’ve been experiencing for a few years where I have a good sleeping pattern ( getting up earlyish and sleeping latest midnight) then all of a sudden I can’t sleep till 2 then 4 then 6 and suddenly the sun’s rising and I’m not tired, eventually going to bed and waking ...

Daytime Eating May Benefit Mental Health – Anxiety and Depression

The time of day at which you eat your meals may have a significant impact on symptoms of anxiety and depression, a new study reports.

‘The British are worried’: Queen’s death comes amid deep economic anxiety

Britons’ shock and sorrow over the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s comes at an especially difficult time as the country – and the world – faces a cost-of-living crisis. But among the mourners around Buckingham Palace on Sunday there was a sense that the queen will remain a source of inspiration for the British people during ...

Sheila Tobias, Who Defined ‘Math Anxiety,’ Dies at 86

Feeling jittery about math — and altogether avoiding it — “is a serious handicap” that often affected women, she wrote in Ms. magazine in 1976, followed by a book on the subject.

Jumping Gene Found to Be Strongly Linked to Depression, Fear, and Anxiety

The TOB gene plays a significant role in reducing depression, anxiety, and fear in mouse models. The findings could have positive implications for developing new treatments for disorders associated with psychiatric stress.

How We Misunderstand Anxiety and Miss Out on Its Benefits

Feeling anxious actually releases dopamine, motivating us to take action to pursue rewards and make changes to bring forth the futures we desire.

‘Jumping gene’ found to be strongly linked to depression, fear, and anxiety

In a multidisciplinary study that combines molecular biology with neuroscience, researchers have found that Tob gene plays an important role in reducing depression, fear, and anxiety.

How to use the 333 rule for anxiety

Feeling anxious? This simple trick can help alleviate some of those worries

Psychological distress before COVID-19 infection increases risk of long COVID

Depression, anxiety, worry, perceived stress, and loneliness measured early in the pandemic, before infection with COVID-19, were associated with up to 45% increased risk of developing long COVID. Distress was more strongly associated with developing long COVID than physical health risk factors such as obesity, asthma, and hypertension. The increased risk associated with distress was ...

Children too anxious to attend school being failed by English councils – report

Ombudsman says children are going months and even years without proper alternative educationCouncils are failing to put adequate alternative education in place for the growing numbers of children in England who are unable to attend school because of social anxiety, according to a report by the local government ombudsman.Many have complex special educational needs and ...

Dealing with Health Anxiety

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering from health anxiety. In this article in the British newspaper The Guardian, Annalisa Barbieri discusses how she dealt with her hypochondria. For the article, please click on the following link: For articles regarding health anxiety on this site, you may be interested in ...

Any free Zoom meeting group for anxiety?

I just got a webcam, thinking that i could join some Zoom or any online support group for anxiety disorders, or mental health in general. I also suffer from personality disorders and complex trauma. But I cannot come across anything in my researches! I’d truly love to meet with people online and hear stories or ...

The people making a difference: the man who set up a mental health walking group for ‘blokes’

After bottling up his own anxieties for a decade, Scott Oughton-Johnson created a group for other men who’ve felt the same. Now it’s his turn to be treatedScott Oughton-Johnson simply did not talk about his feelings. Not when he separated from the mother of his children a decade ago, and not during their subsequent custody ...

Panic 101: what to do during a panic attack – and how to prevent them

A sudden episode of intense fear leaves sufferers feeling debilitated and out of control. Practical steps can help to regain calm and avoid future attacksPanic is like a runaway train. A form of acute anxiety that quickly spirals out of control. As a psychiatrist, I try to help prevent anxiety from escalating into panic in ...

Therapy v medication? How to choose the best treatment for anxiety

Medication is often prescribed as a quick-fix but therapy can be more helpful in the long-run, if accessible. Here’s how to work out what is best for youSince the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a soaring demand for mental health services, with an estimated 1.6 million people in England waiting for specialised support, ...


I’m becoming confident that I’m bipolar with general anxiety disorder. I do not drink alcohol or caffeine, I will try to eat more unfried fish as I’ve read that helps. Are their any other tips from anyone who is knowledgeable about bipolar for managing symptoms that don’t involve medication. Any and all advise would be appreciated. submitted ...

How to use the 333 rule for anxiety

Feeling anxious? This simple trick can help alleviate some of those worries

There is something wrong with me

Hi, I am very sorry to hear about the anxiety you are experiencing. As you said, it can be quite limiting. In therapy, one could look at several things. One is to see if there are any explanations for your anxiety, such as emotions you experienced about past unpleasant (or traumatic) events that have not been resolved ...

please help me

f20, I suffer from BPD depression and anxiety. I barely got the motivation to do anything, and I mean anything. Brushing teeth, eating, showering even laying in bed. I have stuff to do on a daily basis, and my mind is motivated in some way, but my body is shut down. I’m exhausted. Please help ...

any one else a procrastinator? I swear I’m the the worst

Like the title says, I’m not sure if it’s due to depression and severe anxiety, but I’m realizing lately I’m such a procrastinating person without even trying to. Am I the only One?? submitted by /u/Sad_Slide_9130 Hi, I am very sorry to hear how you are feeling. I would not be too hard ...

Newbie here thanks for having me.

I just really need some encouragement. My mental health has been awful lately, and my anxiety has sky rocketed. Between physical and mental health issues and now losing a week of work this past week because of the flu, I just really needed a positive group to vent to and maybe some words of wisdom ...

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with me? why am I so anxious for no reason, seemingly out of nowhere?

Hi Cornelius, You may want to find out with a good therapist where the anxiety is coming from. Very often, past experiences can reach into the present, and resolving them can be very helpful. If for any reason, one’s feelings of safety and security have been affected by situations or events, that can lower the threshold ...

Distress leads to higher COVID vaccine rates, less adherence to distancing guidelines, study finds

People who were more distressed — showing signs of anxiety or depression — during the COVID-19 pandemic were less likely to follow some best practice recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to a new study. However, those same people were more likely than their non-distressed peers to get vaccinated. The authors ...

Is it OK to be open about having depression and anxiety or should I keep it to myself?

I’m very open about my metal health issues. Should I stop doing that? Does that drive people away? submitted by /u/theOutsider196 Hi, I have often seen people benefit from being open about mental health issues. Quite frequently, they were pleasantly surprised when they were open about it, even at work. However, there are people ...

I feel like my mental illnesses will never allow me to live.

I suffer from depression, anxiety, ocd and eating disorders. My social anxiety is so bad I find myself alone most of the time and unable to find new friends, my eating disorders make it difficult to be out of the house for long periods of time because I can’t eat outside (it’s a fear that ...

My therapist says I should accept the situation even though I hate it

I‘ve always been kind of uncomfortable with myself and I am therefore extremely insecure and hate my body and my character. I think I‘m not good enough for anything and every failure leads me to wanting to not ever try anything again. Especially when it comes to socialising or even dating I‘m to scarred to ...

Emotional Support Animals as a topic for research

I am in grad school for Public Sociology. I am interested in discussions about mental health and bettering one’s being. I’ve been thinking about getting one in the future. I believe animals especially dogs have this ability to calm one’s mind and feel comfortable. There’s this connection and emotional bond. It is beneficial to depression, anxiety ...

Psychedelics may lessen fear of death and dying, similar to feelings reported by those who’ve had near death experiences

In a survey study of more than 3,000 adults, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers compared psychedelic experiences with near-death experiences that were not drug related and found notable similarities in people’s attitudes toward death. Survey participants in both groups reported having less fear of death and dying after the experience. They also reported that the experience ...

Healing the Uncertainty in Anxiety

Uncertainty In life, one has to live with uncertainty. Uncertainty just means that there is no manual in the beginning, and there are still unknowns which leave room for excitement and exploration. Life is a learning experience. You may suffer from anxiety but, at the same time, have areas in life where you can thrive on ...

A Great Therapist for Anxiety

A great therapist for anxiety will be open, receptive and understanding of you. He or she will follow your lead on the journey of therapy and be helpful with experience and insight along the way. Since communication is the main instrument of psychotherapy, your therapist will help you with communication patterns you have with yourself ...


Acknowledging Uncertainty In the 1600’s, the famous French philosopher René Descartes set out on a journey in an effort to discover truth. The question he asked was: what can one know—with certainty—is real? At the end of this philosophical journey, he came to the conclusion that there was almost nothing in life of which he… ...

Taking a step away from social anxiety

Taking a step away from social anxiety Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Other articles on this site on anxiety which you might find helpful include: Anxiety Social Anxiety Panic Attacks

St Patrick’s – The Anxiety Disorders Programme

Anxiety Anxiety is the body and mind’s natural reaction to threat or danger. In certain cases, high levels of anxiety are considered normal and helpful if they prompt an escape from danger. In situations such as interviews and exams, anxiety can enhance performance. When anxiety becomes excessive or debilitating, however, it is then considered an Anxiety Disorder. ...

Anxiety Management Group e.g. Stresspac

Anxiety “I found the group sessions very helpful. I feel I understand stress and anxiety much more. I was feeling very negative about myself and about the future before I started but now I am feeling much more positive. Thanks for everything and for giving me my life back” The Anxiety Management group is a detailed group ...

Treatment – Generalised anxiety disorder in adults

Your GP may suggest some educational resources about anxiety. This usually involves working from a book or computer programme. A health professional will support you. Another option is going on a group course. On these courses you and a few other people with similar problems meet with a therapist every week. You learn ways to ...

Anxiety Ireland

Let’s face it we all get overwhelmed by life and everything around it. Do you ever feel anxious? If so, do you ever wonder what sort of anxiety you have? Follow the link below to take our free anxiety quiz which will ask questions about the six most common types of anxiety included in the DSMV ...

Understanding Common Anxiety Disorders

Many of us will deal with anxiety at one time or another during our lives. Whether it’s a ‘fight or flight’ response to a specific perceived threat, or a general feeling of unease that comes and goes without warning, it’s certainly not a pleasant sensation. In fact, it can be stressful, upsetting and even debilitating. ...

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a term used to describe uncomfortable feelings of nervousness, worry, and tension, which we all feel from time to time. Anxiety can affect anyone. It affects our thoughts, physical reactions, moods and behaviours. Anxiety can be a normal response to a stress in our lives and some degree of anxiety can improve our performance ...


Anxiety is a common feeling that everyone experiences at some stage. It can be a normal emotional response to many stressful situations. Anxiety is also a natural, understandable emotional response that can help us prepare for challenges. These could be sitting an exam or worrying about a potentially awkward social occasion. Common triggers for anxiety What triggers one ...

Overview – Generalised anxiety disorder in adults

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam, or having a medical test or job interview. During times like these, feeling anxious can be ...

Tory MP William Wragg takes break due to depression and anxiety

MP for Hazel Grove reveals his struggles and says he looks forward to returning in better mental healthWilliam Wragg has said he is taking a short break from his duties as an MP as he is suffering from a period of severe depression and anxiety.The Conservative MP for Hazel Grove, who is chair of the ...

What do I do about anxiety at work?

Anxiety at work is something very common. Most people, unfortunately, suffer this condition in silence. There are many different forms of anxiety, including social anxiety, for example, which has been shown to interfere with work in several studies. Anxiety should also be seen as a signal. It may be telling you something about how well areas ...

What is the difference between Anxiety and ADHD?

It is important to understand that the different forms of anxiety and ADHD are completely separate diagnoses. However, it is not seldom that one experiences symptoms of both. In some cases, they can occur together by chance, but often one influences the other. For example, if ADHD leads to a more stressful life in work ...

Anxiety Self-Help Resources – Centre for Clinical Interventions

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Feeling tense, stressed, and worried at certain times when under pressure is a normal human response. Everybody feels anxious from time to time. Anxiety becomes a problem when it is intense and prolonged, and when it starts to get in the way of day-to-day functioning. Below you can find ...

Top 7 Lesser Known Self-Help Strategies for Anxiety

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Though anxiety is common, you can rise above it. Here are some uncommon self-help approaches to help you. Self-help is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Even so, walking to the self-help section of your local book store, or even admitting you’re feeling anxious, can ...

Anxiety self-help guide

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf This guide aims to help you to: find out if you have symptoms of anxiety understand more about anxiety find ways to manage or overcome anxiety There are a number of conditions that have anxiety as a symptom, or have anxiety in the name – like social anxiety, social phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder ...

Self-care for anxiety

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Explains anxiety and panic attacks, including possible causes and how you can access treatment and support. Includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends and family. Individuals suffering from anxiety may find themselves prone to: Overthinking Planning for all worst-case scenarios Being indecisive Fearing rejection Seeking out constant communication (and getting anxious if a ...

How anxiety affects relationships

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf There are a few major ways that anxiety can impact a relationship. When you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, you may respond by being either too dependent or too avoidant. Both responses can take a toll on how you interact and communicate with others. Individuals suffering from anxiety may find ...

Are anxiety attacks dangerous?

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf The NHS has to say the following about panic attacks, which are an intense and heightened form of an anxiety attack and often also include somatic symptoms: “Although panic attacks are frightening, they’re not dangerous. An attack will not cause you any physical harm, and it’s unlikely you’ll be admitted ...

Are anxiety and depression the same?

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf No. These two conditions are very different, although many people can have both. Broadly speaking, anxiety describes an anxious emotional state while depression describes a mood state. There are different treatments for both. However, because they quite often occur simultaneously, a combined treatment approach is used or, in the ...

Are anxiety and panic attacks the same?

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf No. There would be no panic attack without anxiety, but panic attacks are intense, heightened episodes of fear and anxiety (hence ‘panic’). They usually are accompanied by feelings of immediate dread and doom, that one could die of a heart attack or suffocate, for example. They often last only ...

Treatment – Generalised anxiety disorder in adults

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a long-term condition, but a number of different treatments can help. NHS – Treatment – Generalised anxiety disorder in adults Other articles on this site on anxiety which you might find helpful include: Anxiety Social Anxiety Panic Attacks

Managing and treating anxiety

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Some ways to manage anxiety disorders include learning about anxiety, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, correct breathing techniques, dietary adjustments, exercise, learning to be assertive, building self-esteem, cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, structured problem solving, medication and support groups. Better Health Channel – Managing and treating anxiety Other articles on this site on anxiety ...

What is anxiety?

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Anxiety is our body and mind’s natural reaction to threat or danger. If you experience severe symptoms over time, you might have an anxiety disorder. St Patrick’s Hospital – What is anxiety? Other articles on this site on anxiety which you might find helpful include: Anxiety Social Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety disorders

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf The Mayo Clinic has published this article on anxiety disorders. It discusses symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Mayo Clinic – Anxiety disorders Other articles on this site on anxiety which you might find helpful include: Anxiety Social Anxiety Panic Attacks

How to Cope with Anxiety? Here are 13 Ways to Cope

If you deal with anxiety, there are strategies you can use to avoid feeling consumed by it. Here are some quick solutions to help you address the situation immediately, as well as long-term methods to combat a recurring issue.

How To Cope With The Anxiety Of Pregnancy After A Loss

Contradictory emotions are a part of pregnancy after loss.

Does your child have anxiety?

Experts explain when to worry and how to talk about it with your kids.

Depression and anxiety led to weight gain among people living with obesity during pandemic

People living with obesity who experienced high levels of depression, anxiety and stress reported gaining the most weight during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study.

Easing anxiety: How you can help reduce stress and better handle difficult situations

You can’t really call it an epidemic, but anxiety is running at such high levels that therapists are booked solid currently — but not all stress is caused by big things. Often it’s the momentary stress that can up to a big effect. KDKA’s John Shumway is looking into what causes micro-transition anxiety — a ...

5 Ways You Can Help Someone With an Anxiety Disorder

Experts say simply offering to listen to your loved one’s worries and providing them moral support can go a long way.

Who Is In Control, You Or Your Anxiety?

Conquering Anxiety with Breathing Exercises

Understanding what causes your anxiety is often what brings relief from anxiety in the long run. Below there is a link to other resources on this website where you can read more on the treatment of anxiety with psychotherapy. However, there are also several techniques of working with the body that can be helpful. In ...

Winning over Anxiety – the Power of the Vagus Nerve

When you find yourself in a bout of anxiety, your body is experiencing a heightened version of the fight or flight reaction. In the body, this reaction is maintained by the sympathetic nervous system, which is largely the counterpart of the parasympathetic nervous system. They both make up the autonomous nervous system. Greater activation of the ...

Anxiety – Immediate Help through Grounding

There are techniques that can help you right away when you experience anxiety. They are not a replacement for professional treatment and therapy but can often be helpful when one experiences anxiety. One such strategy is grounding, meaning reconnecting with the physical world around you in a way that helps you calm down and lessen ...

Dealing with Anxiety

CBS Pittsburgh has created two videos on dealing with anxiety. You may be interested in watching them: For articles regarding health anxiety on this site, you may be interested in the following:

How I learned to tame my hypochondria

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering with health anxiety. Annalisa Barbieri reveals what triggered – and eventually settled – her ‘late-onset hypochondria’Surrounded, as I was growing up, by slightly health-hysterical women (“How are you?” I once asked an aunt over the phone. “I’m on a mobile intravenous drip,” ...

Almost half of young women in Australia report mental health disorder, study finds

Deputy chief medical officer for mental health says level of distress in young people, happening worldwide, predates CovidFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app, morning email briefing and daily news podcastThe first national study of its kind in more than a decade has found almost half of all ...


Facial blushing: is it normal? Rosie checked into a hotel for a weekend getaway with her partner. The hotel receptionist noticed it was Rosie’s birthday and said, “Welcome to our hotel. I see it’s your birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The nearby receptionist added his birthday wishes as did the people behind her. Rosie sheepishly thanked… ...


Facial blushing: is it normal? Rosie checked into a hotel for a weekend getaway with her partner. The hotel receptionist noticed it was Rosie’s birthday and said, “Welcome to our hotel. I see it’s your birthday tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The nearby receptionist added his birthday wishes as did the people behind her. Rosie sheepishly thanked… ...

I’m learning to live with my fear for my baby’s safety: it’s the price we pay for love | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Anxious expecting parents should know the terror doesn’t dwindle, but it does become more manageable as time passesI write this from a house that is slowly emerging from Covid, which finally caught us after two and a half years of the pandemic. In some ways, nursing a small, sick baby with a sick husband while ...


My colleagues and I have noticed a dramatic increase in anxiety and anxiety-related disorders over the past two pandemic years. While apprehension is a typical response during times of strife, as we return to more normal lives many people have been caught off-guard to realize how uncomfortable they now are in social situations – especially… ...


My colleagues and I have noticed a dramatic increase in anxiety and anxiety-related disorders over the past two pandemic years. While apprehension is a typical response during times of strife, as we return to more normal lives many people have been caught off-guard to realize how uncomfortable they now are in social situations – especially… ...

What stops me worrying about the zombie apocalypse? Routine, routine, routine | Evelyn Mok

With anxiety my lifelong companion, I have learned to keep spontaneity to a minimum. But I still cherish the occasional outbreakI’m a fairly anxious person. I know this because whenever I’m on the tube, I like to play a game I call: “If a zombie apocalypse broke out now, who would I align with and ...

How to Stop Needing Everyone to Like You

What Does it Mean If You Want Everyone to Like You? Are you wondering how to stop needing everyone to like you? The need to be liked by others is a deep-seated psychological vulnerability. It’s often driven by low self-esteem and a fear of rejection. People pleasers go out of their way to avoid conflict ...

‘Anxiety is part of me’: Mara Wilson and other anxious minds on how they cope

From lavender oil to a cold martini, Bruce Springsteen to sertraline, four writers share the tools they have found to manage their symptomsOf the nine most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorders on the Mind website, I’ve been diagnosed with seven. I realise this is a peculiar boast, but in case you’re wondering – hypochondria, a legitimate ...

‘Set the bar ridiculously low’: Rhik Samadder’s golden rule for beating anxiety

There are many changes you can make to live a less anxious life, from healthy eating to keeping fit. When motivation is in short supply, putting them into action is another thingI’ve been having strange symptoms for six months. Doctors are confused, I’m struggling to sleep and my anxiety is through the roof. Honestly, you ...

Can psychotherapy help against anxiety? (c) 2022 Christian Jonathan Haverkampf

Help, I cannot concentrate! Do I have ADHD?

Many people feel they cannot concentrate to accomplish their day to day tasks, affecting their jobs and their personal life. Since ADHD has become a buzzword, many ask themselves if they might suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While this needs to be evaluated by a professional, I want to provide some points that one ...

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition where patients either have repeated intrusive thoughts, perform compulsive behaviours (rituals), or both. The attempt to suppress these thoughts or behaviours leads to heightened anxiety and tension. While patients notice that the thoughts or behaviours do not make sense, they often find it impossible to stop them. ...

Therapy for Panic Attacks

A combination of psychotherapy and medication has good empirical support for its effectiveness in the therapy of panic attacks. In more severe cases of panic attacks, when it is no longer possible to leave the house, medication may be needed to make psychotherapy possible. Among the various psychotherapeutic approaches, CBT targets maladaptive thought processes and beliefs. ...

How to Fit In

Are you socially anxious and wondering how to fit in? Maybe you’ve just moved to a new school or neighborhood, or maybe you’ve been feeling like an outsider in your current situation. Whatever the case may be, there are some things you can do to help yourself feel more comfortable and accepted. Ultimately, the best ...

30 Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety

Positive affirmations for social anxiety are ways of talking to yourself that highlight your good qualities instead of what is wrong with you. Research shows they can help you to feel stronger, more confident, and more capable. Repeating positive affirmations for social anxiety can also help to shift your focus away from your fears and ...

12 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Eating in Public (Guaranteed)

How to Overcome the Fear of Eating in Front of People A lot of people feel uncomfortable eating in public. Maybe you’re one of them. It’s natural to feel self-conscious and anxious when eating around other people, but there are ways to overcome the fear. The best way to overcome the fear of eating in ...


Control often has benefits. It can create a sense of structure, predictability, mastery, and safety. As we know, none of us are in control of everything. We have all experienced unwanted internal and external experiences. If we knew how to control everything, we would probably start there. Although we may not have a choice about… ...

How Do You Start a Conversation with a Coworker?

What Do You Talk About With Your Coworkers? How do you start a conversation with a coworker? Many people have difficulty striking up conversations with their coworkers. They know they should do it because networking is important for their career, but they don’t know what to say or how to break the ice. Here are ...


What do these people have in common: A savvy salesman who can’t sever the relationship with his business partner who takes advantage of him; a competent woman business owner who manages 20 employees but can’t say “no” to requests from her adult daughter; and a smart accounting executive who tolerates years of emotional abuse by… ...

What Is a Communication Coach?

How Can Coaching Improve Communication Skills? A communication coach helps clients identify and change the habits that get in the way of being heard. Communication coaches help you speak up for yourself, recognize when to choose your words carefully or use humor, and how to be ready with a disarming comment when things go wrong. ...

What Is the Root Cause of Social Anxiety?

What Is the Main Underlying Cause of Social Anxiety? The root cause of social anxiety is an intense fear of being judged by others. This can come from either a fear of not meeting the expectations placed on us by ourselves or society, not living up to our potential, or not maintaining the approval and ...

I Hate Small Talk (What to Do)

What Do You Do When You Hate Small Talk? Do you hate small talk but don’t know what to do about it? What if there was a way to have a real conversation that also leaves room for quiet moments of peace and reflection? There is. It’s called the “real convo” – it’s where small talk ...

What to Say When You Don’t Have Anything to Say

What to Talk About When You Have Nothing to Talk About Are you wondering what to say when you don’t have anything to say ? People with social anxiety will sometimes find themselves in conversations where they don’t know what to say. It doesn’t matter if the setting is formal or informal, it can still ...


Picture this. You enjoyed dinner with a friend who you haven’t seen in ages. You two shared a meal and a laugh after months of not being able to coordinate schedules. Despite having a nice time catching up, negative thoughts begin to creep in on your drive home. Before you know it, you start to… ...


One of the most insidious and painful aspects of social anxiety many of my clients describe is the feeling of being alone, disconnected, and different from others. These feelings, and the perceptions and beliefs associated with them, can both contribute to and be the result of high levels of distress and suffering in social situations…. ...

Your Own Path

Cite as: Haverkampf, Christian Jonathan (2017). Your Path. Life Improvement (Vol I), edited by C J Haverkampf, Psychiatry Psychotherapy and Communication Publishing, Dublin, 2017, pp. 152-157 Your Own Path Dr Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. It is not necessary to know exactly where the future takes us. It is not even desired that we know where we will end up ...

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder (5)

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Social anxiety disorder can significantly reduce an individual’s choices in life and the quality of life overall. Since communication is the process by which humans fulfil their needs, values and aspirations, its effectiveness is important for satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life. It is the main autoregulatory instrument, ...

Anxiety and Panic Attacks (6)

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Abstract – Anxieties can cause incredible suffering, especially in combination with panic attacks, which are usually a short-lived but more intense form of anxiety. At the foundation is often a subconscious, or sometimes partially conscious, feeling that something in life is ‘out of sync’. Anxiety is often triggered by ...

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder (5)

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Social anxiety disorder can significantly reduce an individual’s choices in life and the quality of life overall. Since communication is the process by which humans fulfil their needs, values and aspirations, its effectiveness is important for satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life. It is the main autoregulatory instruments, ...

Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) for Anxiety and Panic Attacks Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) is a psychotherapy developed by the author, which can be applied to a number of mental health conditions, including anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It focuses on creating greater awareness and insight into internal and external communication patterns and making changes to ...

Benzodiazepines and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Benzodiazepines and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks Christian Jonathan Haverkampf M.D. The benzodiazepines have been used for decades in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. They still are the only widely used and effective medication available that can stop anxiety within a very short amount of time. Recommendations for their used have ...


Anxiety is where there is uncertainty and one cannot tolerate it. Many areas in life contain uncertainty, but whether you feel anxious depends entirely on psychological factors. The evolutionary reasons for anxiety were to make us more vigilant and alert. But anxiety can become chronic, and then it actually lowers your ability to respond to ...

Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) for Anxiety and Panic Attacks Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) is a psychotherapy developed by the author, which can be applied to a number of mental health conditions, including anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It focuses on creating greater awareness and insight into internal and external communication patterns and making changes to ...


Anxiety Dr. Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Anxiety disorder can be very debilitating. Between 15% and 20% of the population may at any point in time be affected by anxiety. From a communication perspective there is much that can be done to help a person suffering from anxiety with the help of psychotherapy. At the same time, medication ...

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder (4)

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Social anxiety disorder can significantly reduce an individual’s choices in life and the quality of life overall. Since communication is the process by which humans fulfil their needs, values and aspirations, its effectiveness is important for satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life. It is the main autoregulatory instruments, ...

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Social anxiety disorder can significantly reduce an individual’s choices in life and the quality of life overall. Since communication is the process by which humans fulfil their needs, values and aspirations, its effectiveness is important for satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life. It is the main autoregulatory instruments, ...

Facing Down Your Fears

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Dr Christian Jonathan Haverkampf M.D. This article provides a brief overview of social anxiety and its treatment. There are several psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment options. Often, a combination of the two leads to superior results. Special emphasis is given to a communication-oriented approach. Since communication is the mechanism which is impaired, communication is also the ...


Burnout Dr Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Burnout is a type of psychological stress. Occupational burnout or job burnout is characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feelings of ineffectiveness, and often a sense of frustration and higher irritability. Efficacy within the workplace is usually reduced, no matter how much the individual tries to work even harder ...

Haverkampf CJ Treatment-Resistant Social Anxiety J Psychiatry Psychotherapy Communication 2015 Dec 31 4(4) 117-127

Haverkampf CJ A Case of Severe Anxiety J Psychiatry Psychotherapy Communication 2012 Jun 30 1(2) 35-40

Haverkampf CJ Treatment-Resistant Anxiety J Psychiatry Psychotherapy Communication 2017 Sept 30 6(3) 61-67

Anxiety and Medication

Make an Appointment with Dr Jonathan Haverkampf Anxiety and Medication Christian Jonathan Haverkampf Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination. It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events, such as the feeling of imminent death. ...

Body Work and Exercise for Anxiety Panic Attacks Depression and OCD

Body Work and Exercise for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression and OCD Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Working with the body is often neglected in major schools of psychotherapy, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy and CBT. Depression and anxiety disorders are some of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders with close to one in five of adults exhibiting symptoms. Exercise has ...

Should we be worried about Eco-Anxiety?

Psychiatry trainee Dr Molly Bredin discusses the very real fear around the climate crisis, what happens when this anxiety impacts

Psychopharmacological Frontiers (1)

Psychopharmacological Frontiers Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. New developments in psychopharmacology have driven much of the progress over the last decades. This article discusses new developments in the area of antidepressants and antipsychotics. Keywords: depression, SSRI, SNRI, ketamine, glutamate antagonist, NMDA, scopolamine, magnesium, glutamine, CP-AMPA, serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, antidepressants, major depressive disorder, medication, treatment psychiatry Table of Contents Introduction. 4 Discovery. 5 From ...

12 Mindful Tips to Reduce Negative Effects of Modern Air Travel

Heading off on a plane for holidays? Psychiatrist Prof Brendan Kelly offers some practical tips in the Irish Times for

Escitalopram in the Treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Tell me about Your Life – Narrative Communication and Change

RCSI launches animation series to combat increasing levels of adolescent mental health issues in Ireland

RCSI has today launched a digital animation series focused on issues related to the mental health of young people in

“Massive Rise in Prescribing” New Prescription Nation Series by RTÉ Investigates

The new Prescription Nation series, looks into prescription drug use in Ireland, by Con Corrigan with RTÉ Investigates. RTÉ Investigates

First Fortnight 2019: “Mental Health Uploaded”

As part of their 10th annual festival 2019, FirstFortnight hosted a discussion session in the Science Gallery Dublin on the impact

Loving and Fearing Life

Many forms of anxiety lead to situations in which patients feel they are withdrawing from life. However, behind these anxieties is often a need for more living, more uncertainty, more excitement and more color and adventure in life. Improvements in internal and external communication can lead to a greater fulfilment of this need. Keywords: anxiety, fears, ...

Post partum Psychosis: You are not broken

Laura Dockrill has written a blog post for Mother of all Lists to share her experience with other mothers facing the same

Amid rising awareness of mental illness in Ireland, HSE prescriptions for antidepressants and anxiety medications up by two thirds since 2009

HSE prescriptions for antidepressant and anxiety medications rose in Ireland by almost two thirds over a 10-year period, according to new statistics.

Communication-Focused Therapy (CFT) for Anxiety and Panic Attacks (2)

Communication-Focused Therapy (CFT) is a psychotherapy developed by the author, which can be  applied to a number of mental health conditions, including anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It focuses  on creating greater awareness and insight into internal and external communication patterns and  making changes to them. This also helps gain insight into the basic parameters, ...

Facing One’s Fears (3)

Fear can save one from doing something harmful, but it can also hold one back from doing things one likes and needs to do. In many psychiatric conditions fear and anxiety become a major problem in themselves. Identifying wants, needs and values together with better communication are effective ways to deal with harmful fears and ...

Psychotherapeutic Technique: A Brief Overview

Psychotherapeutic Technique A Brief Overview (3) Ch Jonathan Haverkampf   Psychotherapeutic Technique: A Brief Overview Dr Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D.   Introduction When patients come to see a therapist, they often have a long list of things that do not work for them in their lives. It is easy to overlook that one of the hardest steps towards health has been taken, ...

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Abstract – Anxieties can cause incredible suffering, especially in combination with panic attacks, which are usually a short-lived but more intense form of anxiety. At the foundation is often a subconscious, or sometimes partially conscious, feeling that something in life is ‘out of sync’. Anxiety is often triggered by ...

Exercise and Social Anxiety – does it help?

Hi, Last year we did some investigating in scientific journals about whether or not exercise can help reduce social anxiety. You can read what we found out here. The TL;DR version is that we found that exercise can help alleviate social anxiety by increasing your feel good hormones, increasing self-efficacy and by acting as a distraction. A ...


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