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CBT and IPT – A Comparison

CBT and IPT – A Comparison Christian Jonathan Haverkampf 17th July 2022 Contents Introduction. 0 How They Work. 2 The Therapist-Patient Relationship. 5 Therapy Phases. 6 Applications. 6 Effectiveness. 7 Effect duration. 9 Conclusion. 11 References. 14   Introduction Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), combining principles from cognitive and behavioural psychology, and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), are …

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Love to Live

Love to Live Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Love make life full and helps against feelings of anxiety and fear. It means connecting with others in a meaningful way. But loves also goes beyond it. It helps to get in contact with the foundation that connects all of us. It reduces distances between people and builds …

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Intepersonal Psychotherapy and Exposure Therapies for PTSD (1)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy is a non-exposure-based PTSD treatment. Patients focus on current interpersonal encounters rather than past traumas. This approach may avoid some of the disadvantages of exposure oriented therapies, such as their lack of focus on individual processes, high attrition rates, lower effectiveness for symptoms of depression, association with fear induction and possible short-lived positive …

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