Cognitive–behavioral factors in tinnitus-related insomnia

Findings suggest that tinnitus-related insomnia may be maintained by cognitive–behavioral processes similar to those found in insomnia disorder. Such processes are more important than tinnitus severity when understanding sleep disturbance. People with tinnitus-related insomnia may benefit from treatments such as cognitive–behavioral therapy for insomnia.

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Insomnia and Psychotherapy

Insomnia and Psychotherapy Dr Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. This article gives a brief overview of some approaches to treating insomnia using psychotherapy. Keywords: insomnia, psychotherapy Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Subjectivity. 3 Psychodynamic Considerations. 4 Cognitive Behavioral Approaches. 4 Sleep Restriction Treatment. 4 Acceptance and Mindufulness. 4 Communication-Focused Therapy (CFT) 5 Sleep. 6 Sleep Control

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