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Loving and Fearing Life

Many forms of anxiety lead to situations in which patients feel they are withdrawing from life. However, behind these anxieties is often a need for more living, more uncertainty, more excitement and more color and adventure in life. Improvements in internal and external communication can lead to a greater fulfilment of this need. Keywords: anxiety, …

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Loneliness affects many people who suffer from it invisibly. Loneliness is not only an unpleasant feeling, but it can also lead to numerous secondary problems. It can cause mental health and physical health conditions. Loneliness can be a strong motivator and driving force towards greater connectedness with oneself and with others. One way of treating …

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Friendship enriches life, increases happiness and promotes health. It is the promise of positive future communication. Since communication is how people get their needs, values, wishes and aspirations met, friendship plays an important role also in making people feel safer and more effective in the world. Keywords: friendship For one-time access to read the article …

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