Finding Your Dreams …

It Starts with a Dream …

It starts with a dream. If we would not dream up or envision things we would never get them. But this also means that what we dream up should have a positive effect on us and the world. Our dreams should be in sync with our values and true wants and needs. Dreaming primarily of money will not be fulfilling because money only stands for the things we buy with it. A nice home for the family, for example, can be motivating if this is something you value and truly aspire to.


You are … Happiness

What makes us happy? When we live and act according to our basic values, that will make us happy. Our basic values are the true values that change little over time. They give rise to your long-term interests, desires and aspirations. When you live according to your basic values, life makes sense. It is meaningful in itself, because it is lived according to your values and who you truly are.


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