Anxiety Treatment

  Anxiety Treatment Christian Jonathan Haverkampf Abstract—Anxiety is a highly treatable condition. However, it impairs the life of many. Treatment approaches, such as CBT may lead to quick improvements, which, however, may often not be sustainable. A more insight and communication-focused approach may lead to longer-lasting results. Communication-Focused Therapy® has been developed to that end. …

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Dealing with Health Anxiety

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people suffering from health anxiety. In this article in the British newspaper The Guardian, Annalisa Barbieri discusses how she dealt with her hypochondria. For the article, please click on the following link: For articles regarding health anxiety on this site, you may be …

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St Patrick’s – The Anxiety Disorders Programme

Anxiety Anxiety is the body and mind’s natural reaction to threat or danger. In certain cases, high levels of anxiety are considered normal and helpful if they prompt an escape from danger. In situations such as interviews and exams, anxiety can enhance performance. When anxiety becomes excessive or debilitating, however, it is then considered an …

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Treatment – Generalised anxiety disorder in adults

Your GP may suggest some educational resources about anxiety. This usually involves working from a book or computer programme. A health professional will support you. Another option is going on a group course. On these courses you and a few other people with similar problems meet with a therapist every week. You learn ways to …

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