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Hello and Welcome,

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a greater quality of life with therapy.

I have worked as a psychotherapist and counsellor since 2002 and now provide Communication-Focused Therapy. You will find some of my books and articles on psychotherapy, communication and psychiatry on this website, at your local book dealer, or on Amazon.

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Communication-Focused Therapy

My extensive experience in working with clients covers a broad range of mental health conditions, including

Over the last two decades, I have successfully helped many people with various mental health issues and in difficult situations. I work in private practice in Dublin or remotely over Zoom or Skype.

Working With You

Beginning a course of therapy early can help get you back on your path towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. Your therapy should be for and about you. It should reflect who you are and how you want your life to be.

Your therapy should be individualised to your problems, personality, needs, values, interests and expectations. My training is in the two major schools of psychotherapy, psychodynamic (psychoanalytic) therapy and CBT. They are empirically tested and used worldwide. Further, I can add approaches from various other recognised schools of therapy, systemic, Gestalt, integrative and imaginative. I am also happy to discuss my own approach, Communication-Focused Therapy®.

Listening, Understanding, Helping

Important to me is to understand your needs, listen with empathy, and help and support you in finding greater happiness and success in your life. With you, I adapt your therapy to your individual needs and issues.

You can contact me and make an appointment conveniently on the internet by visiting the Online Scheduler.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Women who experience anxiety while pregnant are more likely to give birth earlier than women who don’t.
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    Researchers have discovered a biological mechanism that increases the strength with which fear memories are stored in the brain. The study, done in rats, provides new knowledge on the mechanisms behind anxiety-related disorders, and identifies shared mechanisms behind anxiety and alcohol dependence.
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    Prenatal exposure to cannabis was associated with an increased risk of neuropsychological disorders, including anxiety and depression, in children. The risk grows as they enter adolescence and adulthood.
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  • Daytime Eating May Benefit Mental Health – Anxiety and Depression
    The time of day at which you eat your meals may have a significant impact on symptoms of anxiety and depression, a new study reports.
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    This post was originally published on this siteFeeling jittery about math — and altogether avoiding it — “is a serious handicap” that often affected women, she wrote in Ms. magazine in 1976, followed by a book on the subject.
  • Jumping Gene Found to Be Strongly Linked to Depression, Fear, and Anxiety
    The TOB gene plays a significant role in reducing depression, anxiety, and fear in mouse models. The findings could have positive implications for developing new treatments for disorders associated with psychiatric stress.
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    Feeling anxious actually releases dopamine, motivating us to take action to pursue rewards and make changes to bring forth the futures we desire.
  • ‘Jumping gene’ found to be strongly linked to depression, fear, and anxiety
    In a multidisciplinary study that combines molecular biology with neuroscience, researchers have found that Tob gene plays an important role in reducing depression, fear, and anxiety.
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