Self-Confidence (3)

Abstract – Many people suffering from depression or other mental health conditions feel that low self-confidence is at the root of many of their problems. Self-confidence is primarily a feeling, and while it is usually a signal or symptom of the underlying condition, it can be a valuable topic in psychotherapy in its own regard if part of a more complete treatment approach.

Low self-confidence is a result of a disconnect with oneself, which can be countered effectively with improved communication with oneself and others. Objectives in therapy can be to build a better sense of self and greater efficacy in communicating with others. In most cases, this resolves the patient’s preoccupation with self-confidence and helps to get a greater sense of confidence in interactions with others, ultimately making self-confidence a ‘non-issue’.

Keywords: self-confidence, psychotherapy

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Self-Confidence (3) Christian Jonathan Haverkampf


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