The Role of Attachment Anxiety, Attachment Avoidance, and Grit on Life Satisfaction and Relationship Satisfaction

Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Ahead of Print. The present study examined the role of attachment anxiety, attachment avoidance, and grit on life satisfaction and romantic relationship satisfaction. We recruited participants (n = 378, mean age = 28.3) using convenience and snowball sampling (i.e., via Facebook and email). The sample consisted of 86 males, 284 females, 2 transgender individuals, and 6 individuals who did not indicate their gender. Participants completed online surveys. Results partially supported our hypotheses that greater attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance resulted in lower life satisfaction scores, but individuals with high grit had lower life satisfaction scores than those with low grit. Additionally, results supported the hypotheses that greater attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance resulted in lower romantic relationship satisfaction scores. However, we posit that grit may work differently in influencing life satisfaction compared with romantic relationship satisfaction, particularly among our younger sample. Implications of findings and directions for future research were also explored.

From childhood emotional maltreatment to disordered eating: A path analysis.

Click here for the article published by Psychoanalytic Psychology (APA) anxiety. Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol 40(2), Apr 2023, 90-98; doi:10.1037/pap0000438 Childhood emotional maltreatment (i.e., emotional abuse and emotional neglect), attachment, reflective functioning (RF), defense styles, and disordered eating (DE) are associated with each other. … We found significant indirect effects between emotional abuse and neglect and …

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Detaching with Love and Openheartedness

Click here for the article published by Psychology Today. A Personal Perspective: The balance between being entirely unaffected by others or being overly affected to the point of anxiety is a tricky one. These guidelines help me. Continue reading … Disclaimer: The content of this article has not been checked or verified. Proceed at your …

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Internalized homonegativity moderates the association between attachment avoidance and emotional intimacy among same-sex male couples

IntroductionThe present study aimed to examine dyadic associations between attachment insecurity and emotional intimacy in same-sex male couples, and to investigate whether and how each partner’s internalized homonegativity (IH) moderated these associations.MethodsThe sample included 138 same-sex male couples. Both dyad members completed self-report measures of attachment insecurity, emotional intimacy, and IH. The actor-partner interdependence model with moderation analysis was applied.ResultsIndicated that higher levels of actor’s and partner’s attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance were associated with lower actor’s emotional intimacy. IH moderated the partner effects of attachment avoidance on emotional intimacy. The partner’s higher attachment avoidance was associated with one’s own lower emotional intimacy at low (but not high) levels of one’s own IH and at high (but not low) levels of the partner’s IH.DiscussionFindings suggest that the partner’s attachment avoidance may differently affect one’s own emotional intimacy depending on the IH levels of both dyad members. Helping partnered sexual minority men decrease attachment insecurity while recognizing their own and their partners’ IH may promote relationship quality.

Communication-Focused Therapy® and Attachment (1)

Communication-FOcused Therapy® (CFT) and Attachment Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Communication-Focused Therapy® (CFT) is a psychotherapy developed by the author, which has been described for a large number of mental health conditions. Attachment is the expectation and hope that a meaningful interaction will continue. Keywords: attachment, communication-focused therapy, CFT, communication, psychotherapy, psychiatry Attachment Attachment is the …

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