any one else a procrastinator? I swear I’m the the worst

Like the title says, I’m not sure if it’s due to depression and severe anxiety, but I’m realizing lately I’m such a procrastinating person without even trying to. Am I the only One??

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I am very sorry to hear how you are feeling. I would not be too hard on myself. No one decides to be a procrastinator. There are probably other things going on in your life that make it difficult. Quite often we can have an internal barrier that makes it difficult to move forward. It may be trying to protect us from something, but it is doing so in a way that is not helpful. Depression, and to some extent anxiety, can also lead to lower motivation, initiative and energy. I hope you have or will find a good therapist or therapy group to discuss it with. If it is quite severe, a psychiatrist can offer some additional support.

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