Emotional Support Animals as a topic for research

I am in grad school for Public Sociology. I am interested in discussions about mental health and bettering one’s being. I’ve been thinking about getting one in the future. I believe animals especially dogs have this ability to calm one’s mind and feel comfortable. There’s this connection and emotional bond.

It is beneficial to depression, anxiety and numerous mental disorders. I have been struggling with emotional trauma for years. I am trying to figure myself out and thought since I’m trying to better my mental health, I SHOULD talk about mental health for my research papers.

I am not sure if this is a good topic to do for my thesis or research papers though.

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I have seen how helpful animals can be for one’s well-being. There is already plenty of research on the beneficial effects of animals on mental health, which you can use. A good source for research articles is Google Scholar. Hospitals, health resorts, and even some large companies work with dogs, for example. Even if you don’t have the space and time for a dog, you may walk and spend time with someone else’s dog or volunteer at an animal shelter.

You may already be working with a therapist. I am a strong believer in psychotherapy, seeing how much it can do on a daily basis.

Good luck with the paper!

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