My therapist says I should accept the situation even though I hate it

I‘ve always been kind of uncomfortable with myself and I am therefore extremely insecure and hate my body and my character. I think I‘m not good enough for anything and every failure leads me to wanting to not ever try anything again. Especially when it comes to socialising or even dating I‘m to scarred to make a move on anyone because I fear to be treated as a joke or get insulted for being ugly, weird and desperate. Never getting approached from men or people in general (to form friendships) and having to hear that people prefer being alone over being with me makes everything worse and I often try to cope with unhealthy things like restricting myself from eating so i‘ll become underweight and „beautiful“. For this and my social anxiety i started therapy like two year ago but at the moment my therapist states that everything is fine with me and I don’t need therapy anymore and that my feelings are completely normal and healthy for young women. That makes me really sad because I really want to be happy, eat what I want, get friends, find a partner and not hate myself so much. Do you think he right and thats just a part of life?

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I am very sorry to hear how you feel. Psychotherapy is a service which is supposed to help you gain a better quality of life and feel better all around. So, as long as you feel there is still room for improvement, therapy can be helpful. If you feel your therapist does not understand what you need, it is important to discuss it with them. Sometimes, one may have to find a better fit, but it is important to discuss first with your current therapist to see if they can give you what you need.

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