[UK] Girlfriend has airplaine trauma but she needs to fly for a funeral. How do we get her something to keep her calm enough to fly?

After a pretty scary landing (engines screaming, people lifting out of their seats, stuff flying around the cabin), my girlfriend has been left traumatised. She was meant to fly last year to see family for christmas, but even a week before the flight she was waking up in the night and vomiting from anxiety. She didn’t make the flight.

Now a relative has died and she needs to fly. I’m pretty sure that she’ll go through with it, but it’s going to be awful for her (being pushed to do it, instead of chosing to).

Is there any way in the UK that we can get some medicine to help her keep calm on the flight, and in the days leading up to it?

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There are specialised courses for flight anxiety and therapies for trauma. Any GP can prescribe a sedative to reduce her anxiety for a few hours. However, in the long run, she should do therapy for the trauma and maybe also take a specialised flight anxiety course.

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