The effect of the two‐chair dialogue intervention on self‐compassion ‐ adding an emotional evocative component to a basic Rogerian condition

Access article published by Wiley - Counselling and Psychotherapy Research.

This study investigated a psychotherapeutic intervention (a two-chair dialogue) aimed at dealing with self-critical processes. The present study suggests that adding the EFT two-chair dialogue to an empathic therapeutic relationship was associated with a significant increase in self-compassion.

The increase in self-compassion seemed to be related to a reduction in negative subscales (feelings of being alone and isolated from the world), rather than to an increase in positive subscales, such as self-kindness, common humanity or mindfulness.

Thus, for self-critical clients, the results indicate that the two-chair dialogue is particularly helpful for reducing negative self-treatment, which, in turn, might foster a more positive way of relating to oneself.

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