Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with me? why am I so anxious for no reason, seemingly out of nowhere?

anxiety specialist Dr Jonathan Haverkampf

Hi Cornelius,

You may want to find out with a good therapist where the anxiety is coming from. Very often, past experiences can reach into the present, and resolving them can be very helpful. If for any reason, one’s feelings of safety and security have been affected by situations or events, that can lower the threshold for anxiety also in the future. There are also techniques that one can apply in the present, which are helpful when working with anxiety. I often found a mix of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal techniques helpful when working with clients that experienced anxiety. The results are usually quite good. One can also have a predisposition for anxiety, but in my experience, it also requires another psychological or environmental factor to trigger an episode of anxiety. In severe cases of anxiety, medication can be discussed to offer some temporary support, but psychotherapy is in my experience, what puts anxiety to rest over the long term.

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These days there’s been a lot of moments where my body goes into an anxious mode for no reason. It started becoming a frequent thing since like 4 months ago, and slowly gotten worse and worse. It would go from once every few days in a week, once a day, then multiple times a day for hours. My heart beats really fast, my stomach starts hurting, i still breathing rapidly, i feel nauseous and feel like im going to throw up but never actually do throw up, and my legs get tense. I try to sleep it off, but most of the time, i just wake up with my body in this mode again. It’s getting hard to eat, It’s getting hard to sleep, It’s getting hard to do certain things. It feels exhausting

I don’t know why this is happening, or where it came from, within the past 4 months not too bad or traumatic happened, aside from finding out my Japanese tutor is a pedophile, i dont imagine that incident is the cause of this, because i should be over it by now. this problem came seemingly out of nowhere. It feels like it’s just going to get worse. I live an event less life, i’m home-schooled, so i study all day, and never leave home (I havent been outside of the perimeters of my home for nearly a year-ish now. so my anxious feelings can’t be a social thing, and when i annually do leave the house to see my grandma upstate I feel fine. so it’s not social anxiety). I should feel no anxiousness but i still do for no reason.

Anyways, have anyone else experienced this? if so how did you fix it?

And excuse me if i phrased anything strangely

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