What disorder(s) could I have?

This is a list I made of the stuff going on with me to share with the psychiatrist and family doctor when I have an appointment.

1.Sexual performance anxiety/Premature ejaculation


3.Worry that sparks anxiety and paranoia

4.Having trouble sleeping because of overactive anxiety/mind

5.Depression/thoughts that put me into a depressive state

6.Emotional/emotionally needy/emotionally dependant

7.Hard to control negative emotions/thoughts and speaking on them

8.Lack of testosterone possibly

9.Overactive mind

10.Always digging for answers/being invasive

11.Loss of interest in things I used to enjoy

12.Being on high alert/on guard

13.Getting defensive/offended easy

14.Lack of trust

15.Constant fear of significant other cheating/betrayal

16.Getting angered from increasingly difficult tasks

17.Lack of listening to what I’m being told

18.Difficulty keeping track of people’s conversation/lack of understanding/repeating mistakes after being told

19.Overly paying attention to what my partners doing and asking too many questions

20.Anxious Attatchment style

  1. Shyness/nervousness/awkwardness triggered by anxiety in social situations

22.Lacking confidence/low self of steem

23.Social Anxiety

  1. Being invasive to partners privacy in fear of them being unfaithful
  2. Lack of self worth

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There seem to be quite a few pointers for anxiety and some for a mood disorder on your list. Two helpful questionnaires, which you can find online, are the Hamilton Anxiety questionnaire (HAM-A) and the Beck’s Depression InventoryI(BDI). (The BPQ for emotional instability and a simple ADHD screening form may also be interesting.) But, in any case, you should discuss it with a qualified mental health professional as soon as possible.

All the very best!

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