Therapist perceptions of the implementation of a new screening procedure using the ItFits-toolkit in an iCBT routine care clinic: A mixed-methods study using the consolidated framework for implementation research

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… This study investigates the implementation of a new, more automated screening procedure using the ItFits-toolkit in the online clinic, Internet Psychiatry (iPsych) (, delivering guided iCBT for mild to moderate anxiety and depressive disorders. The study focuses on how the therapists experienced the process. …

… The therapists experienced an improvement in the intake procedure. They reported having more relevant information about the patients to be used during the assessment and the treatment; they liked the new design better; there was a better alignment of expectations between patients and therapists; the patient group was generally a better fit for treatment after implementation; and more of the assessed patients were included in the program. The quantitative data support the interview data and describe a process of normalization that increases over time. …

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