‘Plunge your face into ice water’: New York Times mocked over election anxiety tips

The Twittersphere was quick to see the Times’ tweet as a sign of liberal fear and reacted with glee

As the US midterm elections heated up on Tuesday, online wits were quick to douse a New York Times tweet which offered “five ways to soothe election stress”, among them dunking one’s face in a bowl of iced water.

In a tweet, America’s paper of record said: “Elections and anxiety often go hand in hand. Here are some evidence-based strategies that can help you cope.”

Five-finger breathing: tracing the outside of your hand with one finger, breathing in while tracing up, and out while tracing down.

Cooling down: by “plung[ing] your face into a bowl with ice water for 15 to 30 seconds”.

Moving: as “even a walk around the block can offer some relief”.

Breathing “like a baby”: which involves “expanding your belly as you breathe”, thereby “send[ing] more oxygen to the brain”.

Limiting phone scrolling, by considering “plotting out specific times when you will look for election updates”.

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