I wake up without a goal

I should study but I am not capable of it anymore, I do not have a stable job, I feel tired all the time, I have anxiety sparks, I don’t know what to do 🙁

What can I do? :”'( I am desperate

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I am very sorry to hear how you are feeling.

When you are saying you ‘should study’, it may also be that your studies may not align so well with what you need and what is important to you. That conflict can cause anxiety. There may also be many other things going on, such as putting yourself under ‘impossible’ pressure, which often actually leads to being less effective and feeling even less capable. Figuring out what may be underlying your problems is usually a significant first step toward resolving them. Losing the fear to feel what is really important to you and resolving any internal conflicts with regard to it are some of the goals of psychotherapy.  A good psychotherapist should be able to help you with that. (A routine medical check-up would be good as well, considering the tiredness you mention.)

Wishing you all the very best & hoping that you feel better as quickly as possible,


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