I just want a hug :(

I really don’t have the energy to explain why so I’ll summarise.

I’m suffering a lot and have been my entire life, been ignored a lot my mental health services, have an estranged relationship with family, not getting support for AUDHD and I feel like a failure.

Can’t get on public transport, go to the cinema or hang out with friends because of panic disorder, and my family just acts unsympathetic and uncaring.

I promised myself I would be efficient today and try study (I do psychology from home on and online course because I dropped out of college, because, anxiety) but I feel so awful that I’m just going to sleep 🙁

I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and showered, and I just thought that I could do it. I’m so ashamed and feel so bad I let myself down I want to cry. I’ve been ill the last two weeks with suspected tonsillitis, and sprained a rib from coughing.

I just feel really bad and emotional and want a hug and to be told it’ll be okay.

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I would get a hug and also talk to a good, qualified mental health professional. Hugs and help are both available! Everyone deserves happiness.

All the very best

and many hugs!

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