I have this problem I’ve been experiencing for a few years where I have a good sleeping pattern ( getting up earlyish and sleeping latest midnight) then all of a sudden I can’t sleep till 2 then 4 then 6 and suddenly the sun’s rising and I’m not tired, eventually going to bed and waking up in the afternoon or early evening

This will last for weeks till I stay up for over 24 hours and “fix” it…and repeat

I normally have anxiety episodes in the early hours when I’m up all night.

What is this problem and how can I fix it, I’m sick of it.

I have a history of mental health and am Dx schizophrenic currently if that has any importance

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there could be several reasons. One would also need to check if there are any medical reasons.

One purely psychological aspect could be that you already worry about a new ‘episode’ so much that if you cannot sleep by midnight, let’s say, you already it to happen, and this can then affect your sleep. In other words, you have learned a particular pattern, which repeats itself. (Psychotherapy or working with a sleep coach can help. (Moderate) exercise can help as well.)

Another possibility on the diagnostic side would be that you also have a (possibly very mild) bipolar mood condition as well, which is not uncommon in schizophrenia, or another additional diagnosis. This could then affect your sleep as well. (Reassessing any medication you are taking can help, with the support of psychotherapy, and possibly other approaches, such as (moderate) exercise.)

I am assuming your medication is not changing over time, but that could also be an explanation.

In women, sleep can also be tied to hormonal cycles. (In men, hormonal changes can also have an effect.)

Environmental changes, stress at work or in relationships, can have a significant effect on sleep. (You would look for any correlations between stress in your daily life and your sleep.)

Bloodwork, EEG, and other medical tests (also for sleep apnea, etc) can provide clues. You can discuss this with your doctor.

If there are no other psychological or medical reasons, you may want to consult a specialised sleep clinic.

There are many other potential reasons, but that is best discussed individually.

I wish you all the very best & hope you feel better as quickly as possible,


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