Asking for an office as an accommodation for anxiety?

I have anxiety at work that has only been getting worse. I don’t have a proper cubicle, there are partial walls and there is someone that sits diagonally a few feet behind me. This person constantly has people coming over chatting and they sit right by my desk. I don’t like that people can just walk up behind me. My desk is right by the hallway that everyone has to walk down regularly. The design of the building means you can hear everyone talking. It is all overwhelming for me.

During Covid times I was allowed to split my days from home and office but that was stopped about a year ago. I don’t have a typical office job, most of my duties can’t be done from home. It isn’t uncommon for me to have a couple hours of work in the office and then to be stuck at my desk for the rest of the day with very little to do and feeling like everyone is watching me.

The only person in our group with a proper office other than the supervisor is retiring in a couple weeks. I know at least one person senior to me has requested it. I’ve been thinking about it more and I think having an office could help my anxiety by providing a quieter area. It would also mean I could bring my dog more often, which also helps my anxiety (and other people seem to like as well). My supervisor takes mental health seriously and I have no doubt that if I requested this I would be given an office if at all possible. I’m not sure if there are any other offices available in the building.

My hesitation is that I’m afraid people will judge and gossip about me getting an office before more senior people. I don’t want to have to disclose why I got the office to anyone but my supervisor. I feel guilty taking it from someone that has been around a bit longer and requested it first.

Any thoughts on the situation?

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