Study: High-Intensity Exercise Greatly Improves Mental Health in Adults

April 17, 2023

High-intensity physical activity greatly improves mental health symptoms in adults across clinical conditions, according to a meta-analysis recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Vigorous and short-duration exercises were found to be most effective in improving mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to usual care.1

Higher-intensity workouts were found to be most effective at improving symptoms of depression and anxiety — the comorbid conditions that most commonly occur alongside ADHD. Short-term interventions lasting 12 weeks or less were more effective at improving symptoms than were longer-term exercise programs. Outcomes were measured through self-reports or clinical assessments.

Healthy adults, adults with mental health disorders, and adults with chronic diseases were included across 97 systematic reviews. The study found mental-health benefits associated with all modes of physical activity, including strength-based exercises; mixed mode exercises; stretching, yoga, and mind-body modalities; and aerobic exercise. …

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