Prevalence and variables .associated with depression, anxiety, and stress among Chilean higher education students, post-pandemic

Mental health among university students is a public health problem in Chile, understanding that this population is susceptible to mental disorders. The present study aimed to determine the prevalence and variables influencing depression, anxiety, and stress in Chilean university students. A representative sample (n = 1,062) of Chilean university students and a cross-sectional study design were used. Bivariate analysis and multiple logistic regression were performed to identify risk factors associated with symptomatology. They were analyzed using descriptive statistics. A questionnaire with sociodemographic variables was applied in November 2022, in addition to the depression anxiety stress scale (DASS-21), instruments with excellent reliability in this population (α = 0.955; ω = 0.956). On the other hand, the Questionnaire of Problematic Alcohol and Drug Consumption (DEP-ADO) was applied. …

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