Preoperative state anxiety predicts postoperative health-related quality of life: A prospective observational study on patients undergoing lung cancer surgery

… We examined the relationship between preoperative anxiety level and postoperative HRQOL using qualitative and quantitative assessment of anxiety.

… The HRQOL decreased at discharge and gradually recovered over time, reaching the same level at 3 months after surgery as at admission. HRQOL score was lower at discharge than at pre-surgery and 3 months after the surgery (p < 0.0001 each), and the score at 1 month after the surgery was lower than at pre-surgery (p = 0.007). In addition, multiple regression analysis showed that HRQOL at discharge was associated with “state anxiety” rather than “trait anxiety” at admission (p = 0.004). …

… We suggest that postoperative HRQOL on discharge may be improved by interventions such as psychological or medication treatment for preoperative state anxiety if identified preoperative state anxiety can be managed appropriately.

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