Moderating effects of humanistic care and socioeconomic status on the relationship among pain intensity, psychological factors, and psychological function in adults with cancer pain from a province of China: A cross-sectional study

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… Our sample comprised 123 adult inpatients with cancer pain. Demographic variables were obtained from the Hospital Information System of The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University. Pain intensity, psychological factors, and psychological functions were evaluated with four scales, and humanistic care was practiced with a part of the patients by clinical pharmacists. First, univariate analyses were conducted, followed by moderating effect models. …

The incidence of depression and anxiety in patients with cancer pain in our sample were 48.78 and 41.46%, respectively. Low levels of psychological resilience (63.37, SD 21.74) were in this study. Pain intensity was significantly associated with humanistic care and anxiety. Humanistic care practiced by clinical pharmacists moderated not only the association between resilience and pain intensity but also the association between pain intensity and anxiety. Education levels moderated the relationship between pain intensity and the psychological factors of catastrophizing and resilience. Income levels moderated the association between resilience and anxiety. …

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