Leading psychotherapist Susie Orbach explains why every middle aged woman needs therapy

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The problems often pile up like a car crash: parents get ill and need round-the-clock care, teenagers full of attitude require constant emotional support, older children fly the nest and leave us wondering how on earth to fill the lonely evening hours. It’s at this time, I’ve found, that marriages often falter and women begin to lose confidence in their sexual selves. Some find the decline of youth and beauty a source of grief and shock. Meanwhile, the menopause arrives, seeking out our vulnerabilities like a guided missile, just as we need all our strength to cope with daily life. …

For the full article see The Daily Mail at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3955524/Leading-psychotherapist-Susie-Orbach-explains-middle-aged-woman-needs-therapy.html

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