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Keeping Health Care Workers Healthy During COVID-19: Exploring the Link Between Fear, Resilience, and Psychological Distress

This study found that incorporating the Fear of Covid Scale (FCV-19S) and the 14-item Resilience Scale (RS14) into the analysis revealed interesting insights. When FCV-19S was included, it was associated with psychological distress, but job titles were not. However, when RS14 was considered, resilience was protective! Additionally, physicians showed lower FCV-19S scores, while nurses and clerical workers had higher scores. Conversely, physicians had higher RS14 scores, while other occupations had lower scores. Having access to in-hospital consultation for infection control, psychological and emotional support can make all the difference.

The authors summarized that a person’s occupation affected their mental health during the pandemic. The fear of COVID-19 and resilience also played critical roles. To prepare healthcare workers for the future, we need to strengthen their resilience while providing consultation services that allow them to discuss their concerns. Together, we can ensure that healthcare workers receive the mental healthcare they deserve.

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