I want to stop feeling so much. It’s exhausting. Am I simply too empathetic or just crazy?

Why do i cry so much always? Im not normal. No one cries as much as me around me. I cry looking at people on road, I cry looking at underprivileged children playing in the sun with no proper food, shelter, clothing. I cry seeing an old man eating alone because it feels lonely like i feel lonely for him. I feel things that others must be feeling maybe more than what they are feeling, I always add a sad twist to their lives but only when I’m imagining myself as them and I dont voluntarily do it, I can’t help it. and it’s beautiful yet makes me cry. I’m exhausted by these overwhelming emotions. I liked it

It could be helpful to explore what you are feeling further in psychotherapy and counselling. You could get greater insight and learn how to use your feelings and emotions to your advantage.

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