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When you follow your needs, values and aspirations you can actually brighten the world. Many people search on how to go about it, but it actually is quite simple in theory. You do what truly feels best on a deeper level. In practice, fears and doubts may seem to stand in the way, but they can be overcome. Creating a better world for yourself and others also does not mean relinquishing healthy boundaries. It actually requires them. There are also many things that seem to feel good at the moment but do not feel good in the long-run. When you brighten the world you are creating something that is sustainable. You are creating a connection between what is stable and permanent within you and the world outside. The act of communicating is then what makes the world a better place.

When one person feels better, the world is a little bit of a better place. If everyone looks after their happiness, the world would be a very happy place. And we can all make that work. Making the world better for yourself and others also means sharing with others own needs, values, and aspirations. Good and constructive thoughts and emotions are contagious. If they are understood by the other person they can be integrated into their own inner world, the information they contain in themselves. This then leads the brightness contained in the thoughts and feelings to spread.

Important is to understand one’s basic needs, values, and aspirations. What makes us tick. Maybe you remember a time where you were feeling really good. Chances are high that it was a time when your life was more aligned with your basic parameters. And this alignment can be seen and felt by another person, who then may also work to bring their own inner world and the outer world into better alignment. What ultimately makes the world brighter is that those things within ourselves and our humanity can sparkle and shine more in the world we share.

Brightening the world happens when what is on the inside is communicated with it. This means two steps. A first step is to find on the inside what is special and can brighten the world. The second part is to learn to communicate it, share it, with others. Communicating it can happen in many forms. It can be by what you say and by your other actions. It means showing more of you rather than less of you.

One thing that can stand in the way is fear. Sharing with oneself and the world can lead to fears, particularly if the own confidence or image of oneself is not shining as bright as it could. As social beings, we are all conscious of what other people may think of us. Judgment by our peers is usually in the back of our mind. This preoccupation with social judgment has evolutionary reasons. We depend on others for our survival. However, this pushes even more communication as an important skill on the stage. Self doubts, lack of self-confidence and so on are a sign of a disconnect with yourself, a lack of important information. However, the more you can connect with that fundamental sense of self and also see it in others, your fear will decrease and your confidence rise. So to brighten the world, is to see more brightness inside yourself.

Making the world a better place with others can be rewarding, help you feel better, and raise your confidence quickly. Having a good feeling of your inner realms can also help you see in others that part that wants to live in a world that is enjoyable to live in. It is easy to forget that there are basic needs and aspirations we all share. Communication helps to understand one another and make it possible for people with different ways of doing things to be able to work together on something bigger.

The world is thus brighter when we communicate and link with others, which requires linking up with our own inner world. The flow of meaningful information is what makes the world better, and moves it forward. The better information there is, the better decisions can be made and the more meaning people can see in the world. You may not think that a seemingly little bit of information you have could be relevant to anyone else. Yet it could change their lives and the world, as well as your own.

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brighten the world
brighten the world

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