Anxiety and ADHD

About half of ADHD patients experience anxiety as well. ADHD and anxiety disorders quite often go together. It is essential to assess both conditions and try to hold them apart.

Anxiety can consist of worrying about situations or potential issues that are not very realistic or probable.

On the other hand, ADHD, at its core, is about keeping one’s focus in one place. One jumps from one topic to another, but these thoughts need not be worrisome or anxiety-provoking. If worries or anxious feelings become a large part of one’s thinking, other conditions, such as anxiety and depression, need to be explored as well.

In several cases, depressive symptoms also join an existing ADHD condition. To explore the proper treatment options, it is therefore essential to know whether a patient has only ADHD or ADHD and other mental health conditions.

Some anxiety can also be caused by the logistics of ADHD and its treatment, as you can read further in the attached BBC article.

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