Strategies to Successfully Manage Exam and Test Anxiety

Exams are a common source of stress for students, often leading to feelings of anxiety and apprehension. While a certain level of stress can be motivating, excessive anxiety can hinder performance. Fortunately, there are numerous effective strategies to manage exam anxiety and perform well under pressure. Understanding Exam Anxiety Exam anxiety is a natural response …

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Depression, anxiety common among college students

Depression and anxiety among college students is a growing public health problem. And new research suggests the problem may be worse for students who aren’t the same race as most of their peers. The new study found that students who were not the majority race at a predominantly white college reported significantly higher rates of depression than their white peers. At the mostly white university, more than half of the students who self-identified as races other than white reported feelings of mild depression. An additional 17% said they were experiencing moderate to severe depression.

Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Attitudes, Anxiety, and Academic Performance in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistical skills are crucial to daily life. However, many students found mathematics difficult to learn and understand. This research aimed to find relationships between mathematics and statistical attitudes and emotional dimensions, such as anxiety or self-efficacy. The sample consisted of two groups: the first group was formed by 276 Spanish students (75.7% female with an average age of 19.92 years) from different degrees at the University of Granada and the second one by agroup of 19 secondary school students from of a Secondary School in Granada, Spain (57.9% male students between 14 and 16 years of age from a public school). The instruments applied were a scale of attitude toward mathematics, a scale of attitude toward statistics, a scale to assess mathematical anxiety, and a scale to assess self-efficacy. An artificial neural network for the backpropagation algorithm was designed using dependent variable. The results showed a negative impact of anxiety on those attitudes, while self-efficacy had a positive impact on those mentioned attitudes. Therefore, emotional education is important in the well-being, and teaching in mathematics. The usefulness of the innovative neural network analysis in predicting the constructs evaluated in this study can be highlighted.

Mindfulness-informed (ACT) and Mindfulness-based Programs (MBSR/MBCT) applied for college students to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

Publication date: November 2022Source: Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, Volume 32, Issue 4Author(s): Liang Ma, Yanjie Wang, Le Pan, Zeshi Cui, Philip J. Schluter

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