To embark on a venture means achieving results. But does it? Many people accept this as a given, so they do not think about it. It has become part of the program, to the extent that it is difficult to even start doing things. We don’t know what the outcome will be, so does that mean we should not even begin a task?
The important part to realise is that happiness comes from doing something. A result in more elusive. What may be a success to one person, may not be a success to another. So, the only ‘real’ thing we are left with is the task itself. And the task should make you feel good. Imagine if it doesn’t would that not be a waste of time?
It is true that we can not always choose and pick our tasks. Often we may find ourselves in situations where we need to do something, whether we like it or not. But even then, there should still be a purpose in doing it which aligns with your basic needs and values. If it doesn’t, the question arises why you are doing the task. We may be able to do something that seems irrelevant or meaningless to us for a short while, as long as it does not stand in conflict with a basic value. But it would not be sustainable.
Some of the techniques I have discussed in my writings on Communication-Focused Therapy® are about finding your needs, values and aspirations. They provide better guidance than a result and will not leave you because they are a constant, immutable part of who you are. How results are seen by others can change in a moment without notice.
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