Connectedness can come in many different ways. We can connect with ourselves on the inside and we can connect with the world around us. People need to connect to be happy. Connecting for meaningful information is something that helps us survive, but it also enriches our life tremendously.

It may be difficult to take a first step to connect with an old acquaintance after a long pause. But what is there to lose? There are 8 billion people in the world, and if you could be friends with only 5%, that still leaves 400 million other humans you can choose from!

Connecting leads to communicating, and when you communicate with others, you see more meaning in the world. At the same time, you want to connect with yourself. There are whole universes to discover inside yourself. You contain so much information that can be potentially meaningful to you, it can be a gushing fountain for several lifetimes if you embark on the journey.

Communication-Focused Therapy® looks at communication patterns to get more insight into oneself. But there are many ways that lead to self-discovery and greater happiness. It helps to use a proven technique, such as meditation. However, connectedness with oneself is at the core very simple. You just need a few minutes. Feel yourself, listen to your body, look around and be aware of the effect it has on you. Observe your thoughts as if you were watching a great wide ocean with waves rippling on the surface. Just be, and connect.

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