You may read a lot about happiness, but it is really the little things that play a huge role. Whatever you start to build, whether writing a book or building a business empire, it begins with doing something that makes you happy. Unfortunately, many people think they need to search their entire life for happiness, only to finally realize that it was there in front of them all along. When you want to reach a distant goal, it is always important to ask yourself what for, and you may discover that deep down the things that really matter to you are not what you are putting in all this effort for. Think about it this way. Happiness is simple. If something is complex, it may not lead to happiness. If something seems stupidly simple, it may well do so.
Think back at the times when you were happy. What did you do? Where were you? What were the kind of people you were with? You may want more of that. Think about the little things. Think hat it was that truly made you happy? Was it sitting on a couch, watching a sunset, holding a glass in your hand, and talking to someone special? Was it a night at the library researching a fascinating topic? What do all these events have in common? What did you do? How difficult was it really to be happy?
Think about the future. What do I really need, value and aspire to? Not what I am expected to do, but what I want to do. What if I could reach out to the stars do I really want? A million bucks? Or to be happy? Will I not be more successful if I am happy, more likely to make the million? What do I value really in this world, and what am I just afraid of?
Think about the now.
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