Living Happiness (1)

Happiness as an Emotion

Happiness is an emotion we often feel when we are engaged in something that is meaningful and valuable to us. When we are engaged in something that is meaningful, that contains the promise of something novel that can change us, we feel happiness. Whether solving a science problem, observing another person, having sex or talking to someone else, we are engaged in processes that produce new meaning, new information, and often a sense of happiness. Communication with oneself and others, the exchange of meaningful information, is ultimately what leads to more meaning and greater happiness.

Happiness is not an emotion that makes us complacent or prevents us from achieving goals that are important to us. This is a common misconception. The truth is that greater happiness can lead to more motivation and even more ambitious goals. The key is to take a perspective on oneself and the world around that allows for greater happiness. Since communication is how we receive and exchange information with our environment, a focus on communication is important in achieving greater happiness.


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