Change a Life (2)

Psychotherapy should aim at changing a person’s life, so that values, needs and aspirations can be fulfilled, and more happiness be achieved. Unfortunately, many psychotherapeutic approaches do not try to reach this goal, but are aimed at functioning, which reduces the humanity, individuality and autonomy of a patient.

Change begins with an understanding that goes beyond a model that focuses on simplistic stimulus-reaction interactions. ‘Issues’ are what leads to change, and it is important to understand them in the context of the individual basic parameters, such as values, needs and aspirations. Using communication to shed light on these issues and help the patient separate the own issues from those of others is an important process in psychotherapy.

Resolving issues means overcoming own fears, integrating pieces into a life story, being true to one’s values, interests and aspirations, and developing a healthy sense of the past and the future. Communication is the instrument that can accomplish this.

Keywords: change, psychotherapy

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Change a Life (1) Christian Jonathan Haverkampf

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