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Psychotherapy looks at how one communicates with oneself and others. It looks at the dynamics and issues that can cause a number of symptoms and conditions. The ultimate goal is to enable you to lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Communication plays a key role in one's professional and private life. It is so pervasive that we do not realize that we always live and work within communication networks. Our happiness, the quality of our personal and professional relationships and thus our personal and professional success depend on our abilities and our skills to communicate with ourselves and with others in a meaningful away. Mental health problems and interpersonal difficulties often mean that communication with oneself and others has broken down in some way.

Psychiatric Medication may be helpful - if desired - for additional support, better sleep, less anxiety, less negative ruminations, more focus on the things that are helpful and enjoyable, better mood, better concentration, and much more. This can be quite a complicated field, but I have written a number of articles and a book that give both an overview as well as detailed insight into psychiatric medication.


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