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Let me help you. A professional therapy improves your quality of life, makes you feel better and gets you back on your path. I have successfully worked with over a thousand individuals with various mental health issues and problems over the years.

I am looking forward to meeting you, to listen to your needs and expectations and to discuss which kind of therapy you want. To make an appointment please click here.

Since 2002 I have worked as a psychotherapist, counsellor and medical doctor with eight years of specialist training in psychiatry and psychotherapy. At the same time I have written a number of books and articles in the areas of psychotherapy, communication and psychiatric medication.

Experience in working with many different individuals allows me to cover a broad range of mental health conditions, including

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • OCD
  • burnout
  • social anxiety / shyness
  • relationship problems
  • work related problems
  • sleep difficulties
  • low self-esteem/self-confidence
  • bullying/mobbing situations
  • eating disorders
  • adhd/adhs/add
  • borderline disorder
  • psychosis

and more.

With the state-of-the-art approaches available today, most mental health problems can be treated successfully. I enjoy working with you, understanding your condition and explaining to you the kinds of therapies that are available. If you want to proceed, we can then begin your therapy.

Understanding your needs, listening with empathy and providing effective help and support are basic building blocks of any successful therapy.

My uniquely broad and in depth training and exceptionally large experience helps me provide you with a better, more individualised and effective therapy. I have trained in the two major schools of psychotherapy practiced today, psychodynamic therapy and CBT. To this I can add approaches from various other recognised schools of therapy to adapt to your problems, preferences, needs, values, interests and aspirations.

In addition, if that is your wish, I am able to explain to you, evaluate with you and prescribe effective and safe medication. This is an area where I have built considerable expertise over the years and where I keep constantly up to date.

You can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you here. Contact me anytime by using the form below, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on (087) 173 3187 with any questions you might have.

Find further information on the FAQs page and some background on myself here.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D.


Psychotherapy and Counselling should always be individualised to your problem(s), personality, needs, values, interests and expectations.

What is your approach?

I have trained in the two major schools of psychotherapy used and empirically tested worldwide, psychodynamic (psychoanalytic) therapy and CBT. To this I am adding various other approaches from various other recognised schools of therapy, systemic, Gestalt, integrative and imaginative.

Understanding your needs, listening with empathy, and actively finding ways to help and support you in regaining your life are all important to me.

I will adapt the mix of approaches to your individual needs and problems and discuss this with you.

What happens in the first session?

We get to know each other, you tell me about your current problem(s) and I explain to you the therapy options available. Usually, I will do my best to get you started on your therapy in the first session.

How long is a session?

Most therapists spend 50 minutes in a session, which leaves them 10 minutes to make notes before the next client arrives. However, I am also happy to provide an hour.

If an issue comes up between sessions, you can always give me a call on 087 434 3347.

How often are sessions?

This is up to you. Most clients see me weekly.

If you want results faster, we can also meet twice a week. If you just need some support and feedback once in a while, biweekly or even monthly sessions might be sufficient.

How long long will therapy take?

It depends on the problem(s) you are seeing me for. You should always have a sense that you are benefiting from your therapy.

In narrowly defined problem areas a few sessions may be enough, for wider issues like self-improvement and confidence it can take a couple of months or longer.

Can you prescribe medication?

Yes, I can prescribe medication. I am a fully licensed medical practitioner.

I have broad experience in psychiatric medication and keep myself constantly up to date on new developments in the United States and Europe.

Where is your practice located?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 15 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 (in the city centre)

Thursday: 10 Main Street, Donnybrook, Dublin

What is your fee?

€100 per session

Given my experience, education and training, this is very competitive.

There is an additional fee of €20 for prescriptions, if any, to partially cover the costs of the medical registration. The fee for reports and certificates is €25 per ¼ hour needed, if done outside the appointment. The fee for a missed appointment or one cancelled less than 24 hours before the agreed time is half the regular fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I reach you outside scheduled sessions?


You can always call me on my mobile phone 087 434 3347. I will call you back if I am currently in a session.

Where do you keep up to date?

The Psychiatry Academy of the Massachusetts General Hospital, the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, the American Psychiatric Association, Harvard Medical School Continuing Education, conferences and meetings on psychotherapy, counselling and psychiatry, peer groups, books, professional journals and my own research.

Dr. Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. MA (Harvard) LL.M.

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Psychotherapy looks at how one communicates with oneself and others. It looks at the dynamics and issues that can cause a number of symptoms and conditions. The ultimate goal is to enable you to lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Communication plays a key role in one's professional and private life. It is so pervasive that we do not realize that we always live and work within communication networks. Our happiness, the quality of our personal and professional relationships and thus our personal and professional success depend on our abilities and our skills to communicate with ourselves and with others in a meaningful away. Mental health problems and interpersonal difficulties often mean that communication with oneself and others has broken down in some way.

Psychiatric Medication may be helpful - if desired - for additional support, better sleep, less anxiety, less negative ruminations, more focus on the things that are helpful and enjoyable, better mood, better concentration, and much more. This can be quite a complicated field, but I have written a number of articles and a book that give both an overview as well as detailed insight into psychiatric medication.


I am looking forward to talk to you in person,


Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D.

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